I am looking for a Mini Quad bike.

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by mudboots, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys can anyone tell me where they may sell mini Quad Bikes I am after one for our young lad.

  2. We have Small ATV here if You would like to pop in for a Look next Time You are in Chiang Mai. Come to www.chiangmai-xcentre.com

    Cheers Ian.
  3. Thanks for that Ian 'he is only 2 1/2 but knows how to start a motorbike I thought a little Quad bike that I can govern down the rev's until he gets the hang of it there's lots of space around the farm for him to ride it. It will  be Dec before I am back working again for a few months.
  4. No Worries, When You get back call in and See Me and I can show You them? See You in Dec.

    Cheers Ian.
  5. <p>Hi Ian I was wondering about the mini quad's that you have for sale. I was after a  49cc two stroke something I can re-build myself when needed. And could you please give me a bit of a idea on the price your asking thanks. Cheers Mate.</p><p>[attachment file="ATV-F4-RED.jpg"]</p><p> </p></p>
  6. Hi Mudboots.

    We don't have any Two Smokers but do have a few of these little Puma 70cc Four Stroke ATV. They go very well. You would be Surprised. You are welcome if You are down in Chiang Mai to come out and let Him have a go on one?



  7. Thanks Ian it do's look like a nice little bike just not sure if it might be a little big for him, And I am looking at buying myself another bike when I get back as well thinking about a new CBR500R but have not made up my mind as yet. So for the young ones Quad I don't want to go to crazy on the price as I am on somewhat of a budget.

    I would have sent you a PM but can not seem to work out how to do it now.

    Cheers Brad.
  8. The 70cc costs around 30.000 Baht. When You are back check it out. I am sure they are not too Big.

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