I found the BMW Guru !

May 25, 2006
Hi Friends,

Times ago, I ask if anyone would know about a BMW Bike Guru "a BMW mechanic specialist"... as the place -MF Motorrad Samut Sakorn- I used to service my bike -BMW 1200 GSA 2009" suddenly closed/bankrupted during these Covid years, in order to continue to service it.
Nobody replied, and recently I had an issue with the gas pump connector (a very well known issue on GS/GSA) which blocked me in Hua Hin.
Luckily and after few hours of surfing and searching on the net, I found a Thai guy -Target Speed Bangkok Ladprao- who seems to act on BMW bikes.
Just imagine, I contact the guy -K. - at 10:00 AM on Saturday, telling him about my issue, the guy told me that he has the replacement upgrade (stainless instead of plastic) spare parts and proposed me to come to Hua Hin from Bangkok for fixing the bike.
This is what I call SERVICE !
The guy came at 19:30 PM, very professional, fixed the bike and returned to Bangkok. As complementary service the guy who is equipped with a BMW dedicated computer, proceeded to a complete reset of the bike.
Since the bike is working perfect, once again it is what I call service and I would like to recommend this guy:

Khun Kittinan WORALAPHANON -SPEED TARGET- Tel.: 0653597156

He is what we call a "grey", but I prefer it from the big garage from Bangkok such as B.... and others, on top this guy knows what service is.

Just this post to contribute and help our BMW fans.

Keep the power on !