I had a good idea this morning, to share it with you Friends

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Azoulay, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. IMG00393-20090822-0428.

    Nothing else than a good wine and a Camembert cheese on the terrasse in Cha Am !
  2. Hi Az

    as you are french i understand your point,BUT as im FInnish i would not touch either of them and instant take good ICE frozen cold bottle of Vodka,, that will do for me and as you mentioned 2 good reassons,, i would take 2 bottles of Vodka... :twisted:
  3. Magnifique ! :D
  4. Marco,

    Ice Fishing Coffee?

  5. Darn

    Ice fishing,, it's been like 30yrs i done that last time,, Now im boiling here in Ubn +40c almost every day

    but im off to ride.
  6. As I'm Austrian, my choice would be all of the above, Azoulays Camembert & wine, Bush Pilot's crispy baguette and Marco's ice fishing coffee... :mrgreen: and all this on my terrace in Chiang Mai at any time......., cheers, Franz

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