I have a dream: Triumphs with made in Thailand pricing!


Aug 31, 2009
Hi Gang:

these bikes are being assembled in Rayong, not unlike those Kawasakis. Why are the prices so high?! Can't they be sold without the terrible 213% customs charge?

Please excuse my ignorance. When i first heard about the Triumph factory here, I ran upstairs and checked the price list. Only to be disappointed. :(

BMW should assemble some bikes in Rayong as well - yesterday a guy parked a lovely R 1200 GS outside my condo. Aluminium panniers, it might even be a GT Rider!

So why aren't Triumphs cheaper?



Oct 17, 2006
Read my previous post on here about Triumph pricing and all will be clear.

They have to import the engines from Hinckley UK where all motors are made but that would not stop them from claiming a substantial excise tax cut on the rest of the vehicle ,its a deliberate policy to keep the brand exclusive in Thailand ,they could sell the Bonnie for Baht 380,000 easily as it is the bike assembled here and make a profit as well as the new 1700cc Thunderbird twin .They are already cheaper than new HDs but triumph could sell hundreds instead of tens of bikes if they wanted to.
The Triple models are built entirely in UK and will be more expensive due to customs etc .