I have NO third gear

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  1. Hi, I own a CBR 150R 2003 and not too long ago I found myself without a third gear.
    When I shift into third it feels very similar to being in neutral except for a very irritating rattling noise.
    If my revs are high when shifting into third the bike will vibrate very aggressively until I drop the throttle or shift into fourth.
    If revs are lower the bike will automatically shift me into fourth if my foot is clear of the shift lever.
    I'm only a kid still and my mechanical skills are limited. But can someone please explain to me some possibilities of causes and/or fixes.
    I found online someone saying that it could be a few gear cogs inside my transmission, but when I call Honda parts or local mechanics they have no information to offer me about them, except I can get a new gearbox for 1,600 baht and have to wait a month and a half for it to get to my location.

    Probably not an option but fake parts or cheap alternatives mentioned highly appreciated because I live on a Thai wage and I don't have much money to spend fixing and hiring another bike while it's getting done...

    What parts will I have to buy to fix it?
    How much will it (approximately)cost?
    Can I do it myself with the help of a maintenance manual?

    Kind regards,
    Shaun @ CM
  2. Shaun there is no real way of telling what has broken with out pulling your gearbox apart and i am not sure if its more or less a full motor pull down and if you have never done it before or do not have the right tools to do it you could be in a bit of trouble. but you will need a new seal kit, and if your 3 gear cog has been spinning around it could now have damaged the shaft ... only one way to find out take it apart or sorry to say mate put it in to get fixed and save the money to do so. I found a work shop manual you can download heres the link to the page good luck. http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/173666582-honda-cbr150r-repair-manual-download-2002-onwards

    cheers Brad.
  3. Thanks alot Brad. My friend today took me to see his friend who works in a superbike mod shop, he says he could get it done by replacing the entire gearbox set which is apparently only 1,600 baht original from Honda. (Somehow hard to believe)
    Gonna call up Honda tomorrow and ask about the parts he told me I had to buy.
    Definitely going to download that manual though, whether I have to fix it or not haha.
  4. No worrys Shaun if they can replace your gearbox for 1,600 thats good just be sure to ask how much they will charge you for doing the job of putting it in for you i hope they are fair to you but it will be a lot easier than you trying to do it and faster as well.
    I did not try and download the work shop manual so i hope it works for you.
    Best of luck and safe riding Shaun.


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