I just bought a new small kolao 110 cm cube motorbike


May 18, 2011
What to take care at the first kilometers pls ? :crazy:

I am a newbie with motorbike :problem:


May 21, 2011
Salut !

I don't know the bike, but usually for brand new bikes, there's a running in of the engine to do. Basically, your engine if brand new, needs to sort of get used to its metallic parts being rubbed together.
So the "running in" phase allows that, without stressing the engine too much.

On my bike, a 200cc, I had to limit my speed to 65km/h for the first 800km. And also, limit my speed for each gear.
I suppose for yours, which is like a honda wave type of little scooter you might not need to worry about this but it's best when the bike is brand new to not overstress the engine the first 1000 km. Do you have gears or is it automatic ? 2 or 4 strokes?

For a new bike, what you want to also keep an eye on is your engine oil levels and see when you need to change it (manual of the bike, or talk to mechanics used to working on it)
This is just from my personal experience so again, I don't know your bike so take it avec des pincettes :) But Engine Oil is pretty much a must check and monitor for any bike.

If the bike is brand new out of the shop, don't worry, all you have to do is enjoy it and get used to it. Have it checked after maybe 500-700km and lube your chain every say 300km or after a downpour of rain.

Also might be good to learn how to :

- pump and check the tyre pressure
- change the engine oil (you might need to do it by yourself one day, who knows)
- repair a punctured tyre
- lube the chain
- change and check the spark plugs

This is if you're gonna use it to travel around by yourself. You can rely on others as well and not trouble yourself too much with all this if you're not into bikes, I'm sure in S.E.A you can easily find people who know their way around your bike and can figure things out while you enjoy just turning the throttle after they are done :D

But if you want to feel like you know your bike a bit and confident at least on the basics, consider the above, and go to a friendly bike shop to have a chat or just look at what they are doing to the bike.

More importantly, enjoy riding it, take care of it, and ride safe ! :)