I Love Ban Ngoo

Dec 7, 2006
I need to make a t-shirt " I LOVE BAN NGOO" (with a heart for love). All my trips are planned around the trail that runs from Weing Haeng to Muang Khong. Its so far the best trail I've been on in Thailand. I love going fast, but with most other trails as soon as I get comfortable with the surface conditions and get up some speed - I hit a patch of ruts or get TOO close to a edge. Plus I get to see my friends in the village that took good care of me a few trips ago. This time the big boss there returned a small bag of tools I left behind last trip. I hooked him up with a few lighters and a small knife.

Our other '"filler trails" were from CM to Wat Chan from Samoeng. The villages (especially Ban Mae Chaem Noi) were fun. The kids are just too cute. The roads and trails varied every few Km, from a decent trail to rocky to ruts that would swallow my bike whole. Patches of concrete for a few K then back to dirt. The scenery was nice though. Got some great pictures.

(also bit it hard going fast and banged up my knee pretty good. Think its time to invest in some armor. Any suggestions on what and were to buy? The cheap thai stuff wont fit my fat ass, plus it probably wont protect. Then again I dont have loads of baht to thrown around. Know any pace with big boy sizes and little boy prices?











Oct 12, 2005
Great stuff!!

Name brand Armour over here is quite expensive. Some cheap chinese knockoff stuff can be had by visiting a Thai shop thats on the road that bisects the moat road 1/2 way down on the north side. Its about 1/2 KM down the road from the moat on the East side of the road, opposite a bank. Loads of cheap helmets displayed outside.

Lukes crashed loads of times outfitted in the chinese stuff and is still around. Rumnor has it he's now looking for ass protection. Just not sure if its for the bikes or his late night patrolling along the far end of Loi Kroi.