I May Wish to Buy your GPS + Maps for Thailand

Discussion in 'Central Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by leatherback_433, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. I am m-biking around Thailand 6 February tp 3 March - starting and finishing Chiang Mai. I am renting a Dirt Bike Kawasaki KLX - and looking to travel anywhere in Thailand. I think it would be Good and Easier if I had a GPS! Anyone selling/renting etc... then please contact me. Leatherback_433
  2. leather you can buy the Garmin nuvi310 at tesco lotus for just 10,900 baht this includes the latest copy of the Esri map. not waterproof but ok cos at the moment it aint raining.

    then get the handle bar holder from gadget trend or eagle .

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