I need some after market Harley Parts

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have a HD '95 Dyna Low Rider. Any suggestions on where to buy after market parts for Harleys in Thailand? Currently I am looking for a bitch bar (sissy bar) assembly. My back fender is not stock anymore, so I am looking for a place close to home, where I can match the parts to my bike (Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai)
  2. Richco Motorsports in Chiangmai is having his grand opening Oct 12. New and used Harleys, factory parts, etc
  3. Thanks for the info on Richco. Where will they be located in Chiang Mai?

    Got the infor for the S&S, but holding off, because one of my brothers is coming from Canada and can bring me one, thanks.

    The bitchbar is more difficult, because I will have to bring the bike in to match it up, because I have an aftermarket rear fender. October 12th is today, so I will probably run in on Wednesday (our day off) and see if I can get one matching my bike.

    Thanks again
  4. Richco Motor Sports is located on Wualai Road Soi 3. It is the narrow little Road running on an Angle between Chiang Mai Gate and Tippanet Road. For you Sissy Bar i would suggest you just get one Made to your own Specifications and either get it Chromed or Powder Coated. You could ask Silver Hawk for some information on that as i know he got a Carry Rack made for His DR650 amongst other things so he knows where to go.
  5. Kurt

    I am a Canadian as well and buy parts from Heritage HD in Ontario. I find he has the best prices, and no provincial tax if shipped outside of Ontario. With our dollar these days, negogiate US domestic prices as Parts Canada is still unloading weak dollar parts. I still think that you will be happier with a Mukini 42.

    Deng's shop near the airport plaza can make the bar. This is where Richie and I go.
  6. Thanks for all the info guys, that's great. The reason I like S&S Carbs is, because I am not the smartest guy on the block and S&S are so simple to look after and fix.
    I will check out Richco and also thanks for the info on Heritage HD.

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