I owe the Thai government B300,000p lease help

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  1. Hey guys so I'm in a bit of a pickle. I bought a bike from a chinese american who had bought the bike in vietnam, and taken it through laos and cambodia. I know currently face three problems

    1. the paperwork is all in his name and his name is Fan Xiang. I do not look like a Fan Xiang. If i bring it tot he border they will think I stole it
    2. i have passed the export date, which according to the paper means i need to pay the thai government 300000, if i try to bring the bike across the border
    3. because of the vietnamese plates i cannot sell the bikes to any thai mechanics that ive talked to.

    Now I know this was incredibly stupid, ive been kicking myself about it for the past three days but theres nothing I can do, its already done. The bike is a nine year old honda, im not sure what model, it looks like crap but runs extremely well. I left to myanmar for 28 days and after 28 days just sitting in a warehouse it started on the first kick. So please if you know anyone who can buy the bike, or some way to avoid the fees at the border please let me know. I can get into contact with the chinese guy who sold me the bike so for all its worth i could probably get written confirmation that i own the bike. Any hel would be greatly appreciated, thank you

  2. 9 year old honda can't be worth much... my advice? cut your losses, sell it cheap or part it out and sell it on eBay
  3. Take it back to laos or cambodia and sell it there and cut your losses , a 9 year old honda is woth max 150,000 in thailand even if legal and in mint condition
  4. Could you post a picture of the bike? Maybe someone needs parts from this bike and would be interested in a purchase.

  5. Yeah I will post pictures tomorrow. I can't take the bike across the border to laos or cambodia without aying the fines, and everytime i try to sell it to thai mechanics even for arts they say no...mainly because the plates are all from Vietnam
  6. Theres always 'ways' to get it it over.. Not good ones mind.

    You dont say what kind of Honda.. I mean if its a dream or something just forget it. Whats its approx value.

    When you say its missed its export date, has it missed the first entry or is it more than 6 months ?? Up to 6 months you can usually just pay the 2000b 'overstay' fine.. Also do you have ANY papers of the sale, permission of use from the real owner in the book and ID etc.. If not it really is junk it time.. Its as good as unplated but that still has some value depending on the bike.

    Hope it was cheap.
  7. I dont know what model of honda, i would say its approx value is $200-300. I have the vietnamese owners card and can change the vietnamese export form to my name with a few penstrokes but all the paper work for the import of the bike into thailand is still in someone elses name. Like i said i can contact the guy who sold me the bike and get him to write something up and sign it and then fax it to me. Would that qualify as proof of sale? if its only two months late is the fine still only B2000? Im trying to put pictures of the bike up but its not letting me put them in the post ill keep trying though. thanks

    ok: the pictures i took with my camera are to large to post so ill have to find another way
  8. Walk away, don't even both yourself with it.
  9. 200 - 300 usd ?? So 6 - 9k baht ??

    Take the plates off it and forget the whole thing..

    I assumed you were talking about a bike worth working for. A big bike of some sort or other.
  10. For $200-300, try to make a little money off of it. Here's an idea:

    1. Post flyers about town about a raffle for "charity". 200 baht buyin for 2000 baht jackpot for a 10X return.
    2. Take the buyers names and put in Singha bottles in a big circle.
    3. Wire the throttle open, tip it on its side and let it spin until it hits the first bottle (winner).

    Now for round 2:

    1. Take all the losers and offer another chance. 200 baht buyin for 2000 baht jackpot to guess how far the bike will fly. Closest guess wins.
    2. Fit the bike with training wheels so it will stand upright and lock the bars straight.
    3. Wire the throttle open and let it hit a big ramp behind the X-Centre or something with measured grids in the landing area.

    If you get 100 people to buy in, thats 20000 baht for a 4000 cash outlay = 16000 baht profit ($550). Then you can forget the whole thing and have had a little fun too. Hell, the thing might even still be rideable, those old Honda's are tanks.
  11. Ben
    Any news / progress?

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