I try again Suzuki Off Road special car for tour and securaty.....

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  1. Special Suzuki Caribien for sale. Give a trip with a tour group a save feeling. Full modified. Engine Vitara / Injektion 16 valves. 6 shock absorber, bigger wheels off road now only 3100 km buy 2 month ago for 23.000 Baht , Body new color, new battery, new gearbox 4 wheel drive, roofracks, special bumper very strong, special protection bar in front and rear - strong one. Power steering. Engine runs very well dont need oil. For this car we have a special construction to keep 2 Enduro 250 ccm, spare tank 20 liter. 4 extra lights. Inside 3 seats. 2 seats Recaro. This car is modified speciell for hard off road trips. After every trip the car has full inspections. Price 160 000Baht. Blue book in my name easy to transfer name too new owner. High Insurance 10 month more. Car in Chiang Mai. The car is now in a full inspection. Ready in few days.

    Attached files 276875=9005-k-DSC_1025. 276875=9003-k-DSC_1028. 276875=9004-k-DSC_1030. 276875=9001-k-P1030038. 276875=9002-k-P1030061. 276875=9000-k-P1030088. 276875=8992-k-P1030118. 276875=8993-k-P1030119. 276875=8994-k-P1030121. 276875=8995-k-P1030122. 276875=8999-k-P1030124. 276875=8997-k-P1030125. 276875=8996-k-P1030127. 276875=8998-k-P1030129.
  2. Wow, what an ingenious way to "trailer" bikes!
    attachment.php?attachmentid=9002&stc=1&d=1330451765 attachment.php?attachmentid=9003&stc=1&d=1330452778

    I've never seen such a set-up. Cool! :clap:

    Best of luck with the sale- looks like a fun little ute!
  3. Interested in the Suzuki Caribian. Phone # 0814884018
  4. Good looking rig, we're really interested in this vehicle and would like to see it. We're in Chiang Mai... cell # 0820365765. Please give us a ring at your first convenience.
    Thanks for posting it!
    Best regards..
  5. Sorry sold already.....

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