I want to go everywhere (but can't) - help!

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  1. Greetings All,
    I have been reading ride reports and planning on my trip to Chiang Mai in January. I’m fairly independent but still hoping to have some riding buddies. I have several weeks and just want to experience Thailand. I’ve been riding 7 years and have toured Spain and Vietnam (no, there’s absolutely no connection).

    On arrival I’ll spend several days seeing the local sights and getting my bearings, maybe do elephant nature park and a cooking course. Then I want to rent a bike and hit the road. Here are the places I would like to go:
    Chiang Dao caves
    Tham Lot (cavelodge)
    Mae Hong Son – Mae Chaem, Doi Inthanon

    It doesn’t seem like a lot but I keep reading reports and finding places I would love to go but a) am figuring on riding alone and b) only have so much time and don’t want to rush.
    It looks like I can take the ride in the above order and loop back. How long do any of you suggest I take for this loop? I am trying to decide where I’ll stay (or should I wing it?).

    I am going to order the maps and have some ideas but could sure use some assistance as to what makes sense and what doesn’t. Thanks for your advice (and yes, I WILL listen).
  2. Cheers

    How much time do you have planned? Recently dicovered a close friend had completed the Mae Hong Son loop by bicycle :shock: , in April 1993, in just a week and a half. Everything you mentioned minus Chiang Dao. Pretty gusty to bike that distance, and hills, in the heat this time of year, but gives you the idea of what can be done on a push bike. My recent pictures of Tham Lot cave got him to scan in his pics from 93, before 93 we explored many BC, Canada caves; the ones around Cave Lodge are just awesome!

    Other folk ride the loop in one killer day, myself though prefer to explore little parts at a time over a couple of days each.

    You have a good plan, and could do all that in one week but even just two days at Cave Lodge barely seems like enough time to see a fraction of whats to be seen and get into the mellow grove they have going on.
  3. Hi "Fish" and thanks for the reply.
    I arrive Jan 14 and leave around Feb 10. Originally I was going to head south but there's so much to do in CM area and, like you, I want to take my time. If I wanted to rush around like a crazy woman I'd stay here and work! :lol-sign: That's why I figure to pick a few things and give plenty of time to roam around, which I'm very good at. I'm not as brave as your friend as I fully intend to be motorized. Here at home I ride an R100 bmw and it will be interesting to use a smaller bike. I rode a 125cc in Vietnam and did fine since I wanted to see scenery, snap pics, etc. and don't need a lot of speed.

    2 Days at the Caves? What else is there that I haven't picked up on? Or is it just so many caves to explore. I am so jazzed, I've read all the trip reports several times and can't wait. Anyone have experience with local homestays? I thought it would be nice to hang with a local family rather than stay in a hotel or hostel.

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