I Will Never Understand Motorcycle Pricing

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  1. I never looked at Moto Guzzi Pricing, what was it?
  2. V7 III Stone about 600k.
  3. 20865129_1585001411574795_1740938179952771072_n.
    V7 III Stone about 600k. 699k for Anniversario model.
  4. sorry, not sure what's happening with posts. Seems to delete the image of the bike I tried to upload.
  5. Moto Guzzi stone is 420k in UK and the triumph tiger 800 is only assembled in Thailand ,,,BUT its engine is imported from Hinckley in UK that makes the import duty much higher
  6. Monsterman, I think You will find the entire 800 is built here including the Engine! The Price is caused by Greed nothing to do with import tax! The Latest Tiger 800 range increased in price by 100.000 Baht! Supply and Demand, Oh lets put the price up and make more money!!! In the case of Ducati the Entire range is made here including the Engines and that Includes the latest V4 Panigale!, Which has actually dropped in price considerably compared to the Previous Model! So it is a Yah to Ducati and a Boo to Triumph!!! I will be interested to see what the New BMW 800 Range prices will be when they are released here, Totally New Bike. These are also made here and avalible in Australia already yet not here yet? W.T.F? Very strange.
  7. according to local UK triumph factory dealer who has regular visits to the UK factory all 3 cylinder engines still made in UK and some are sent to thailand as part of kits and all twins now made in thailand to simplfy supply chain ,, some twins are assembled in UK the big 1600 model

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