I would like to buy a bike in Thailand and drive it to Philippines

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    I am looking for help buying a bike (Honda Phantom or Kawasaki Boss style) and getting it registered so that I could drive it to Philippines where I would keep it.

    I understand there is a lot involved, and I have read all of the gt-rider material on buying a bike and border crossing (as well as relevant forum posts). Now I am looking to make a contact or hire someone who will help me expedite the initial purchase and registration. I would like to make sure that my paperwork is in order in Thailand BEFORE I start crossing borders in order to avoid any unnecessary hassles at the borders and with officials along the way. The long version of my plan is below.

    I am American, but have spent many months in Thailand and Philippines. I lived in Pattaya diving for 6 months and drove motorbikes and cycles (including the Phantom). I have done many rides in Philippines too, mostly on Honda XR200. Yes, I know I could just buy a cruiser in Philippines, but I decided I wanted to do this trip before I decided to buy a bike and keep it. Originally I was considering buying more of a dirt bike and selling it at the end. I understand that the Phantom (a cruiser) will limit my riding to paved or well maintained dirt/gravel roads, but I am not too much for offroading anyway. I might also consider a slightly larger, possibly 400cc bike, but like the idea of a lightweight local bike.

    After purchasing the bike, I would like to do a trip around Cambodia and Laos hitting of course Angkor Wat and also Vang Vieng. Then I would like to cruise down the Malaysian peninsula and take ferries and drive across the islands all the way over to East Timor. Not entirely sure if they have vehicle ferries to get that far though. After that, I would backtrack till I could take the ferry over to Pontianak in Borneo. From there I would drive across Borneo and take the ferry from Sandakan to Zamboanga Philippines. There I will have to import the bike permanently. This may involve paying 100% duty on the bike, but that should be less than or around 75,000THB (higher end price for used Phantom?)

    I am very serious about this trip. I have the means, desire, and time to do it. I have already put in my notice and will be leaving my job and flying to Manila in early August before heading to Thailand in mid to late August. I figure on this trip taking around four months give or take a few. I am pretty flexible, and might decide to stop and do some diving along the way.

    It seems that many gt-rider people hang out at the Kafe in Chiang Mai. I imagine this would be a good place to meet someone who better knows about these things and can suggest a reputable local used bike dealer (red baron has been mentioned I believe).

    I appreciate any help or advice specifically on the initial purchase and paperwork for export aspect of my trip. But more than advice, I would like to find someone on ground in Thailand who can help me expedite the purchase and registration.

    Thank you for your time.

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    That sounds a great buy, is that what they are worth there. 5 years old and only 11,800k.
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    Thank you,
    That BahtSold seems to be a pretty good website for shopping for a bike.

    It seems that Chiang Mai is a good place to buy and register the bike since there appears to be a knowledgeable motorcycle expat community there. I am mildly mechanically inclined, but haven't done much of any work on motorcycles, so I am not sure I could spot a cleaned up lemon.

    As for registering it for temporary or permanent export, It seems that I will need to get a non-tourist visa, but some of the posts suggest that this could be overlooked. Is there a difference if I don't intend to bring the bike back to Thailand (keep it in Philippines)? Is the registration process pretty straightforward, or would I be wise to hire some kind of "fixer"? I just want to make sure that I don't make a mistake that will cost me big down the road.

    Thank you again for all the help.

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