Ian Bungy's Tour To Pai and Back - Part 1

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    They say a picture says a thousand words, so me being a lazy bugger will keep the report to a minimun, and let the pictures do the talking.

    Ian had 6 friends from Singapore come over, and he took them on a 3 day ride from CNX to Pai.

    TJ, Pikey, BarryBBQ, and Dr Greg, did a 2 day ride to Pai, and back, meeting up with the guys on the Saturay nite in Pai, then all 11 of us, rode off together the following morning.

    The following foto's are all from one of the Singapore guys.
    The 2nd part of the report will contain fotos from the (older) group of 4.

    Ian and his motley crew from Singapore

    Start of the trip

    Typical trail

    One of the many bridges to cross

    'Hey Ian, where are we now.........'
    'haven't a bloody clue guys......'

    Great trails everywhere

    Awesome scenery

    The locals are always curious to see what all the noise is about....

    Nothing like making a splash for the camera

    There's no way I am going to get my feet wet, guys

    Well, it doesn't get much better than this guys, awesome...

    You never know who you are going to bump into, best to be polite.....

    Hey guys, just found a great track, straight down here......... any takers..
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  3. daewoo

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    looks like fun...

    No Panterra's
  4. Joko

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    Yeah! what ever 'appened to 'em Panterras? Last I saw, there were 5 or 6 of 'em all about ready to go :)

    Can this China-made Panterra make this trail-trip?
  5. DavidFL

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    Bring it on STJ...
  6. Ian Bungy

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    I have 9 Pantera's and all are Fine and Well, they make ok Money on little Trips here and less Hassle. They are Too slow on Top Speed for Road work and Being Friends i wanted to have Fun as well and not have to be responsible for everything so they Rented instead. Great Guys and a Great Trip. The Ride Home was even Better! Thanks for the Posting TJ, good work!!!

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