Icon Pursuit Gloves - Fake?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by nikster, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. nikster

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    Bought Icon Pursuit gloves to replace ones I lost in Chiang Mai - 1,200 Baht!

    This is a price that is a little too good - the same gloves go for $75 in the USA, and over 3,000 from the official Icon dealer in Thailand.

    I asked them about it, they told me the ones I have are fakes. Yet... they don't look like fakes! They feel great (which is why I bought them again); and from what I can tell using high res images on the web, they look exactly the same. Same number of stitches, same flex leather inserts, same perforation, same ... everything. There's a lot of detail on a glove and they hit every one of them.

    So are these - old stock? Smuggled out of the factory? Factory rejects? Or is there actually a whole other factory set up that produces exact 1:1 copies? I find that a little hard to believe especially for an item I am sure doesn't sell in huge numbers.
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  3. yychow0812

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    Where did you buy them from?

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