If you were buying a GPS today for use in Thailand ...

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  1. If you were buying a GPS today for use in Thailand, which one would you purchase based on

    1. Accuracy
    2. Viewability on a motorcycle
    3. Mounting features
    4. Brand reputation

    I'm planning to do some shopping between now and September for the next "Rally Season".

    Thanks! :D
  2. All of the above with Garmin leading the pack, but for me: Viewability.
    Reading vision is so-so.

    The Garmin 600/660 series has a nice big screen. Perfect fit for me and motorbiking. It is a little bulky for hiking, etc.
  3. Have to agree.. Love my Zumo 660.. Taken it through Laos a few times now, on the trails doing crazy stuff.. Through storms etc.. and still working fine (fingers crossed). A friend has the smaller one. while it takes less space.. you have to go through more screens for the menu options.. Plus the 660 has a few more features with regards to Trip Logs that the smaller model doesn't have.. Great if you want to save your routes and do things with it after.

    There may be more features.. but those are the main things I see as a plus for my use.

  4. Thanks, guys!

    Garmin also seems to be winning on the Yamaha forum that I visit regularly. It must be a helluva GPS.

    Thanks again!
  5. I'm a bit of a dinosaur & and on my 3rd Garmin GPS Map 76S series, now the 76CSX.
    It does all that I need & seems to last about 60,000+ kms each time.
  6. Like Davidfl, I bought a Garmin 76Csx, my first GPS, but after looking at the screen size, I realized it was the wrong choice for me.
    I decided it was too small for my aging eyes, so I sold it to John Gooding.
    I now have a Zumo 660, of which I'm still in the beginner phase of learning to use. The larger screen size is wonderful.

    The 660 comes with two RAM fitting, one for a car and one for a bike. As I have two bikes and to make the Zumo easily
    transferable to another vehicle, I bought a second RAM mount and I opted to alter the unit's wiring loom, as shown below,
    which makes it easy to both remove the unit and it's docking system and mount it on a different bike:

    I purchased it, via the Net, in the USA (19K-Bt vs 38K-Bt in Thailand); so it cost far less even if you do get stuck by Thai Customs, than buying it in Thailand.
    Fortunately the shipper was willing to write on the package that my new Garmin unit was a return of a factory repair (not true) and
    while Customs did charge me, it was only 700-Bt!!
  7. Zumo 660 seems to be the choice of my Yamaha touring friends in the US. They swear by it.

    Thanks for the product info and for the information regarding Customs. That racket in BKK cost me a fortune early on here, but no more. I'm always ready to hear ways to sidestep them.

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