ignition coils needed CBX 750 honda

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  1. yeah, need coils , living in pattaya,
    second hand shops ok , possible
    to visit bkk as well...but yeah...

    if u have any good or even better
    ideas for this, please tell.
    other parts for older hondas,
    vf 1000 and 1100 magna needed.

    thanks and cheers !

    tim :lol:
  2. Chatri Road Machine 3rd road may have some also, U Ming from Burapha in Soi Batman.

    Red Barons in BKK has a massive parts warehouse of stuff .
  3. hi there thanks !
    now maybe a little stupid
    question....chatri road in bkk ???
    i will visit bkk next week.

    by the way, found coils
    already but interested about
    2nd hand shops,maybe parts of accident
    vehicles, *junkyard*??
    heh...i dont know what's the correct
    word in english ahhahh !!

    in thai it is written
    :D :D
    :roll: :roll: :oops:

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