Immigration crossing point at Golden Triangle

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  1. After hearing more rumours about the Immigration check point in Sop Ruak, Golden Triangle, I went to investigate today. Yes, its' true. The Immigration office there has been upgraded to full status, where farangs can get stamped out of Thailand, cross the Khong in a small boat and get stamped into Laos at the upgraded Immigration check point in Ton Pheung, obtain visa on arrival and stay in the country one month.
    However, there is no customs station in Sop Ruak, so not possible to cross with small bike in longtail boat. The real reason for this upgrade appears to be that the people who cross the river to visit the casino will now have to buy a visa into Laos, rather than getting an unstamped day pass for 500 Baht.
  2. Good to know stuff, Ian. Thanks for that.
  3. Thanks for the info Ian.I'll relay it to the french" Voyage Forum".
    Pity we cant ferry tthe bike across. May be later.

    Cheers, Lung.
  4. Well, the chinese are building a major city with airport at Ton Phueng, so I'm sure customs will come there sooner or later. When the bridge opens in Chiang Khong, the ferries there will be redundant, so they may get moved up to Sop Ruak.
  5. Yes indee,and it would be a good opportunity for the bikers coming from Mae Salong,Mae Sai
    to hit the tiny trail along the Mekong to Xieng Kok.
  6. Some time go the Vientiane Times mentioned that the new Golden Triangle border checkpoint, which was opened on 29 July 2012, would allow upgraded customs checks of imports and exports. The opening ceremony was attended by Ms. Bounpheng Mounphosay (Minister to the Government Office and Vice President of the Lao National Committee for Special Economic Zones), the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Mr. Chio Wai who is the chairman of the Golden Triangle Special Economic Board. When the checkpoint opened in 2009 it had no customs facilities.

    However, the customs facilities may only be on the Lao side and not yet on the Thai side.
  7. Hello Ian,
    I have just received a mail related to your info of Aug25th with questions
    some of them I could not reply.
    Q1-Time of closing to cross. 6PM I guess?
    Q2-Any easy transportation to Ton Phueng?
    Q3-How to reach the ruins of Souvanna Khom Kham,East of the nearby village of Ban Hom Yon?
    Q4-Public transportation to Houey Xai?
    Many thanks for any help,
    Cheers, Lung.
  8. Hi Lung,

    Not sure I can answer any of them really either.

    1. I expect the same as any other border crossing.
    2. Don't know, haven't been across, but there will be transport to get to the casino, so will be to other spots too.
    3. I went through quite a few of the old Souvannakhomkham sites by 4 wheel drive. Dirt roads, can go by bike or local pick-up from Hoauy Xai. From Ton Pheung, you could probably arrange transport, but most people won't know how to get to them.
    4. Don't know.

    Best wishes
  9. Many thanks Ian,

    I'll relay the info to the person.
    Personally,I was amazed of the photos of the area by Motorex and David.
    What a change in such a short time§
  10. Yes and none of it is good.
  11. Not speaking of the future heavy traffic of big trucks between Houeixai and Boten when the bridge
    is open in Chiengkhong.
    Do you know when? I'll be crossing mid Jan on my way to Pakbeng through Pha Udom,a bit dusty but scenic and then
    on to LPQ on the elephant trail you took earlier this year.I did it 6 years ago with my son and a friend. This year
    with a younger buddy of 70 on our old but faithful 250 AX Hondas.
    My wife does not mant me to ride offroad alone. May be she's right.....
  12. Well, I'm told the original date for completion was 12/12/2012..... they wont make that, but may well have ceremony on such an auspicious date.
    So, next year sometime and it will be after mid-January.
    I expect to be doing the Elephant trail again in SW direction in a couple of weeks. Best to bear in mind that although it's only 125 klms from Hongsa to LP, it does take a long time. Riding offroad alone can make one less adventurous........
  13. So once again I'll have tu use the ferry.
    That's why this year I'll do it again with a buddy . And we'll start fresh after a good night sleep in Hongsa .
    I'll be following your report on GTR. By the way,We had 138km on the odo from Hongsa to Xienmeme. Any shortcut?
    Thanks for your help.
  14. You may be right. I do remember there was a small sign noting distance, where you turn onto the dirt road after Hongsa.... have to read what it says next time......

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