Import Bike to Thailand from Malaysian Border


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Dec 7, 2008
Hi everybody,

just signed in and join your forum and want to say hello to everybody.

I'm from Germany and riding my KTM 640 Adventure 2003 with several modifications for about 5 years. Mostly riding offroad on some army tracks but it's quiet difficult in our country. Have some experience about riding deserts in Maroc and Tunesia.

Now i'm working in Bangkok since August this year and i miss my bike!!! I don't want to rent or buy a new/used bike.. 'I WANT MY KTM' !!!

I have a visa and a work permit for the next 3 years (working in Bangkok for a german Company) and i already know the trouble for temp/permanent import of personal cars/bike within the Thai custom.

I also read some articels about import Motorbikes to Thailand from the malaysian border but actually nobody can confirmed the real procedure.

So this is my situation and my question: i planning to ship my motorbike next year in august to Malaysia and want to drive it back to Bangkok. Every 6 month i will drive it back to Malaysia and after one or two days in KL i will return back to BKK with my bike... within the next 3 years.

Are there any troubles about going this way and what kind of documents i need for both countrys (Malaysia and Thailand).

Thank's a lot for your suggestions and help.