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  1. I have been working in Laos for the last 12 months and want to bring my 640 motard into the country.Although there is a 250cc limit law here I do see the ocasional big bike on the road.
    Is it possible to import a 640cc bike into Laos
  2. Vehicles Prohibited to import into Lao PDR:
    1. Based on Notification of Cabinet of Prime Minister Office No 955/CPO, dated 8 July 1991: All kinds of right driving cars.

    2. Based on Notification of Ministry of Transport, Post and Construction No 1552/MTPC dated 8 July 1996: All kinds of motorbikes over 250 cc.

    However, as they say, a lot is possible if you know the right people and are willing to smooth the way. Ask around in Laos and maybe you will be lucky.
  3. What's the logic behind the 250cc limit?
  4. No one said it was logical [:D]
  5. It depends on your status in Laos. If you have first entry duty free priveleges then there is not supposed to be a limit on the capacity of the bike. But you have to export it when you leave. Otherwise the max is 250cc.

    I have a 400cc in Lao and a friend has a 750cc in Laos with Lao plates.
  6. Mike
    how do you go finding out if you have first entry duty free. I am on multiple entry visa no problem exporting
  7. Same as the logic in Indonesia that tecnically makes it illegal to own a bike of more than 200 cc. Now upped maybe to 250 as I have seen 225cc bikes in the Yamaha shop. One can own big bikes but only drive them on public roads to get to the race track. This includes Harleys. Of course if on is connected then.....

    The logic behind limiting big bikes? Hmmm.. let me see, keeping young males alive, stopping handbag theives from escaping at 180kph, I'm sure the list goes on.

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