Importance of idp? Can I obtain one whilst abroad?

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  1. Hello everyone
    I am currently backpacking se Asia and after hiring a few bikes have decided to purchase a bike in Thailand and ride down through malysia and Indonesia. I have had conflicting advice about the need for the international driving permit and wanted to here your opinion here please, I want to do the whole thing legitamatly and be insured etc and am concerned the insurance would be invalid without this permit? The problem is I didn't get the permit in the uk and all my Internet searchs lead to me to understand you have to apply from home?
    I am currently in kl to watch the gp and will head back to Thailand to buy the bike afterwards. I noticed as well on another post somebody mentioned about there embassy having to issue a certificate to buy and register there bike, will this be enough to cross the borders relatively hassle free?
    thanks in advance,

  2. A few years ago we received IDP 's via the internet through the RAC, an automobile service club in Oz.
    I would imagine the equivalent organisation in the Uk would do same.
    Good luck
  3. Renewed my idp in February. Go to & print off aplication form,send it + photocopy of paper licence & small photo licence a cheque for 12.50 pounds (may have gone up but price is on website) & it will be posted back about a week later!
  4. hello, thanks for the replies. David did you do this whilst in the Uk? Afte reading the aa website it seems you need an address from which to recieve the idp, which seen as I am backpacking may be problematic! is there anyother way does anyone know?
  5. Have obtained them in UK & from here in Thailand. The last one I got in February of this year was sent to my Thailand address & no problem. You will have to give them an address to send it to!
  6. I got mine from the RAC, which 12 months ago were only charging 5.50ukpounds. Same requirements, copy both parts of licence,picture, cheque, or credit card payment. Mine was sent to UK address, but will send elsewhere as AA. Can print application form from website.

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