Important Event, Chiang Mai, Dec. 3, 2011

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    Some of this information has been posted by Ian Bungy previously, but here are some more details after our meeting;

    On the 3rd of December 2011, (4:09 PM) the We Love Our King Club, (International) will stage a parade, beginning at Thapae Gate, and concluding at J.J. Market area where a full program of events will take place through the evening in celebration of the 84th birthday of HRH King Bhumibol Adulyadez Rama IX.

    Now, please read carefully. The founder of the club, and the main organizer and promoter of the event, is Khun Ruchuchai Potha, the head of the Labor Department in Chiang Mai and in charge of issuing work permits.

    Khun Ruchuchai has extended an invitation to all foreigners and nationalities to attend the event. He wishes to encourage a better understanding and cooperative environment between the Thai people and foreigners working and volunteering in Chiang Mai.

    There will be many bands and musicians playing at the event, including some musicians who are very well known on this forum. With his prior approval, work permits are not needed for this and other similar short term volunteer events.

    "Hog Head" and I (co-chairmen of the Chiang Mai ToyRide), met with him personally. He wishes to not only have as many people walking in the parade as possible, but would also like riders of big motorcycles to also participate. He is a rider himself and he would like to participate in some of the motorcycle events and activities scheduled in Chiang Mai. We are not involved with the organization of this event, but agreed to help pass on the information to our community.

    Here is a link to the Chiang Mai Friends Group with a letter and full schedule detailing the event;

    Chiang Mai Friends Info

    If you wish to ride or walk with us and others in the short parade, show up at Thapae Gate before 3:00PM on the day of the event. Tell police and security you are part of the parade and you should be allowed in to the area which will be closed to traffic.

    Even if you do not wish to participate in the parade; please attend the other activities for what may turn out to be a very important show of cooperation and future understanding.

    Parking is also available at JJ Market and transport for walkers to Thapae Gate will be provided.

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