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  1. Dealers/rentalplaces who import these 2 nd hand Jap. bikes claim to rework/repair them before they are sold ???!!
    What is usually the case? Are these bikes really reconditioned --including the motor--or are they just cleaned up ,maybe some new tires etc. What should one demand to get replaced/repaired/checked if one wants to buy one. Of course one would have to find a shop that can be trusted w/o watching over the process the entire time.

    From your lists on other places on this forum I can see a number of shops are operating in CM. I migth perhaps come there in July ,try a few different bikes and then may decide to buy from an outfit up there . Does anyone have an idea how I can ship a bike to Udon Thani (and an approx. idea of what it might cost??
  2. Second hand bikes are taken apart, and imported as parts to reduce the amount of import tax. The dismantling is usually just taking off the wheels and plastic.

    The shop who buys that pile of parts from the importer puts it back together and cleans it up. A good shop might check it out mechanically.

    If the bike gets registered, it is an long, expensive process. Many shops will change the frame numbers to match old registration books.

    Many bikes in Chiang Mai do not have plates, and the police don't enforce the law most of the time. I don't know the situation in Udon. But, what is happening is that the Thai government is slowly closing the loopholes. Eventually, the registration laws will be enforced all over Thailand - not just around Bangkok.

    As far as getting the bike to Udon, obviously the cheapest way is riding it back. You could have it sent by pickup truck, probably in the 4-5000 baht range.

    There is a lot of info in other posts on the board.


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  3. Because I had no time to ride it I shipped my Kawasaki ZZR1100 which weighs about 220 kgs from Hat Yai to Chiang Mai last year for a cost of approx 2,300 baht including packing. This road distance is about 1700 kms. CM to Udon Thani would be approx 700 kms so should cost considerably less. The company that I used was R.S.P. or the rough equivalent in Thai is Raw Saw Paw (bit like a dog with a sore foot). They have a depot in all cities and can usually deliver in a few days. Their depot in CM is on the Super Highway.

  4. Express Transport Organization (ETO) is what it's called in English. You can google for their contact numbers.. A Government Enterprise.

    I haven't used them for about 10 years, but good experience, as I recall. I once shipped a honda 750 from Chiang May to Songkhla and I recall the price then as 4.5 per kilo, plus 900 baht to build the crate for shipping.
  5. Here is the link to the English version of the Thailand Customs web site. This link is for temporary import. Be sure to read the section titled 'Important Notices" Paragraphs 3-4 as it applies directly to motorcycles. There is also a link for permanent import on the site.

    I am afraid, however, that this site may create more questions than it really answers.

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