Importing a 640ccm bike


Jun 28, 2007
Hi guys, just got some information from Schenker Thailand about importing a new bike with 640 ccm as follows (KTM-SM640LC4):
Import duty tax........60%
Excise tax 4 stroke engine.....3%
Interior tax.......10% of the excise tax
VAT 7% of the CIF value + overall taxes
(CIF menas: freight-costs & insurance)

Further on did my friend send me a PDF file with information you need (from Thai-Industrial-Standard-Insitute) concerning homologensiation in Thailand, I couldn't post it and sent it to David who will try.

Please see this information as guideline, may not be perfect but anything more on this topic may be useful so finally one day we may able to bring light into this black tunnel......
Sep 19, 2006
I went through All this Total Bullshit, thinking i was doing the correct thing then got to the Homologation Department so i could get the Plates. Everytime we spoke to someone we got a different Story and different requirments. End result after 3 months i told them to Kiss my arse and brought the bikes up here and use them with nothing!!! Just because it is written Thai Law doesn't mean they will follow it!!!
Of the 4 or 5 times we have Imported Buggies & Bikes everytime they have a different rate depending on who you get to handle your case??? On all Previous occassions i brought them in with Body and Engines seperate sent to different people to Avoid Tax/Duty hence paying Parts Tax/Duty. This month i had 5 New Buggys shipped Complete as one is 4X4 and a bit Complicated to assemble from Scratch, And Surprise Surprise i paid the Least Tax/Duty of all the Shipments. Cleared and delivered to my Door within 1 week of the Ship arriving at the Port so Figure that out??? Good Luck on it, as that is what it is Luck you could get it less than normal but on most occassions they will Rip you off for More. Cheers Ian.