Importing Bikes Dramas Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3!!!

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  1. After being asked today how it is going here is the Latest Drama on my Bikes. the first two have been in Bangkok for over 3 weeks already. Our Shipping Agent is a "Usless C**T". Putting it politely. Anyway Now he claims Monday he will get the Number from the Certification office for my Bikes to be checked, He told me the same thing last week!!! Also he now wants to keep Both Bikes in case they want to see the other one? Originally he told me you only need One to get Certified. Once you have this Certification Paper you can use it on the Same Model of Bike as many times as you want to get them Registered!!! My Next Seven Bikes will arrive in Bangkok Port the first week of May and Now he wants to see them. They are Identical Bikes so i can't See the Point? As i am a Dumb Prick i have to get my Wife to do the Talking and it always ends up with Her Pissed Off at me and no closer to resolving anything!!! I wanted to get all the Bikes Run in and Tested before my Mates Arrive in June but as the Time is quickly running out i will be just happy to Get them here! If Brains were Dynamite none of these Pricks would have enough to Part their Hair!!! Little wonder there are so Many Unregistered Bikes in Chiang Mai. I will keep you all posted, My last entry on this Subject will probably be to announce my Divorce!!!.
    Cheers Ian.
  2. hi ian, welcome to thailand customs !,.. you wont get them to go quicker what ever you say or do, and dont lose your rag with them as prices/charges here definatly vary depending on your attitude,.i imported a bike with a written/declared value of $2000, i ended up paying charges of $3500,and that was only for taxes, reg is another matter altogether. i will never bother again, ill ride like all my off road mates on unregistered bikes, seems there is no problem anyway, get stopped pay money ,carry on,. i also imported a set of wheels from the states with a genuine value of $400, paid 15000 baht taxes, and they kept telling me it was 30 per cent that lot out! amazing thailand,..

  3. If Thailand is anything like Indo. The point is they have them and you want them. It's just a question of how much (money) you want them.

    Please don't tell me they are in or coming to Klong Toei. I have heard that is the wosrt place to ship anything through. I was told better to go through Laem Chabang.
  4. Dear Friends,

    Interesting posts that we discussed hundreds of times, if you are in a hurry, please avoid to import bikes or big parts in Thailand.

    However I did import my Ducati brand new, last year and it went well as I prepare the issue and had a help from my local family.

    Have a look in previous my previous post (in the first ones I did) I describe the full procedure I followed at this time and the people from Ministry of INDUSTRY and those from the Custom Office were very kind, polite and helpfull with me.

    Thailand is Thailand and don't expect to have the same behaviour than in OZ, USA or Euope, WE have to adapt and not the contrary.

    However for me, I am convinced that if you follow this procedure:

    -Import License
    -Custom Duty
    -Homologation and registration

    You'll make it, smoothly but maybe not "too" quickly. Why to hurry, you should have started earlier, now allow Time to the Time.....

    Wish of success for you
  5. Bikes came into Laem Chabang. I have the Import License and have cleared Custom Duty already. All that went really Smooth and Paid Bugger all so happy with that part. I believe the Trouble is with our Shipping Agent!!! Just Plain Lazy Usless Prick i think???
    The Homologation and Registration seems to be the Sticking Point at this Stage. I will check again Monday Afternoon for Progress. How long did it take you to get through this Process AZOULAY ? I am down to Kanchanuburi next week so that will be another week of lost time!Thanks for your imput Guys, i will keep you posted!!!
    Cheers Ian.
  6. i agree with the specification "banana republic"
  7. Hi, Ian,

    "I believe the Trouble is with our Shipping Agent!!! Just Plain Lazy Usless Prick i think???"... In this case, this has nothing to do with your shipping agent, he is useless as YOU and nobody else must do the application as you should have import it as a private good ?
    Then you have to have all paper at your own name untill this stage and go to The Ministry of Industry (sorry being in Bangkok when in Thaland, I know only this place), file up all necessary forms and then you have to present the bike with a full technical file to The Homologation and Registration Office.

    Something could help as well is if you know that an official dealer or a motorbike professional has import such model before and/or/or will, then discuss with them and find out some advices.

    "The Homologation and Registration seems to be the Sticking Point at this Stage"... You have to be patient, it could take 2, 3, 4 or 6 month, at the good will and possibility of the Ministry, by be polite and smart, the Ministry Civil Servants will do their best to help you if you are polite and not pushing like we are usually, don't be too "Farang" and adapt yourself to the situation.

    During the homologation, be sure your bike is correctly tuned in term of pollution, they are equiped with accurate measurement equipment and at least for the control you must be within the specifications, if you don't know it ask it to the relevant people.

    In all cases, I found Thai people very cooperative and kind with me and I don't share Captain_Slash and Fabrice remarks (sorry Fabrice), maybe I have been lucky, but thi is the fact at date...

    Anyway good luck to you as well.
  8. In my experience many Thai shipping agents are at best incompetant! Or in league with corrupt customs officers/family members ,
  9. Friends,

    Watching Ian recount the above tale at his X center the other day was priceless. The poor bugger came here to relax in the SEA culture and he'll end up mumbling nonsense in the corner of some dive bar plying a whiskey bottle at this rate.

    Ahhh...the joys of running a business over here.
  10. Ian
    Yo Ho, good on you for having a go at importing yourself....
    No doubt it's too late, but maybe next time you could try Transpo Intl to see if they do imports at Laem Chabang.

    TRANSPO International Ltd.
    134/28-32 Soi Athakravi 3
    Rama 4 Road
    Klong Toey
    Bangkok 10110
    Tel.: (02)259-0117-20
    Mob.: 0156-76404 ; 0156-16404
    Fax.: (02) 258-5994
    Email: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    If you take a look at
    Link removed
    you will see they have been good clearing bikes through Klong Toey on temporaryimport, so might be worth trying for Laem Chabang.
  11. My experience is the same, i emailed for a quote 3 weeks ago to 10 companies to import some goods of 120 kg from the states, only one replied ( scared because im english ? ),.the one that did reply took 2 weeks to send me a part quote ! and its in greek ,or something as i dont understand it at all,now i need to fill out all sorts of forms have a license for import, give my grandmothers, maiden name, tell them if i knew winston churchill or hitler and im in with a chance,. im seeing it as funny now and im going to drag it on as long asi can, im becoming acclimatied ! good innit
  12. Are we talking importing by air or sea david? as i need a good shipper/importer , BAD !
  13. I only know what's been put on the board, plus had a couple of tips to say that Transpo were ok for temporary bike import at Klong Toey. Really dont know if they do air or Laem Chabang, but give Thitipa a ring, as have only heard good reports about her clearing bikes for temporary import at KT, so they could generally be ok.
  14. Importing and Clearing the Bikes from the Port has went very Well, No Problems at all, No Questions, Standard Tax/Duty etc. My only Problem is this Homologation Thing!!! According to Azoulay i am in for up to a 6 Month Wait!!! I can't do that so may just leave one Bike with them and Bring the others here. If they want to see all of them i will send them back down after our June Tour. And Azoulay i may seem Stupid but i have been here for some time and My Wife is as Sharp as they get which anyone who has meet or done Business with Her can Vouch for! We have Imported Many Things already I just wanted to get the Bikes Legally and i didn't Realise this Homologation thing was Such a Drama (or Scam) We will get there in the End.
    Cheers To All for your Support.
  15. Dear Ian, dear Friends,

    I do understand that it could be disappointing to tell that you have to wait for an appointment from the Homologation and Registrations services after having done the first part of the clearance.

    Ian, I am in the same position as you could be, I only want to go to legal way and not grey one. Thus be patient and it will happen you'll succeed.

    The bike is already entered legally in Thailand, you have paid custom duties and now, bikes are yours. From my opinion you can take it from the port and bring them to your home (clearance from port could be done by the shipping agent, to take it out from the custom store).

    Personnally, I did not want to loose my time (precious), I went to the port, checked the box and I asked to my Shipping Agent to clear it from the port and to deliver the bike (which packed in a box from Italy), directly to my home for few thousand baths (I have picture if you like to see how it arrived, but I don't know how to upload it).

    At every steps of this procedure, everybody was very kind and cooperative, I would say helpfull, the only issue is that everybody told me that it would be long and take a certain time....

    Yyou have to be patient and follow the way to clear the issue if you want it goes in the good way.

    From my opinion, this is not a good financial operation, as if you add all costs you'll rapidly see you better have to buy your bike in Thailand through an official importer than to do it yourself, even if the price in US, OZ or Europe could be very attractive, this is my conclusion on this.

    I have done several simulmation on brand new bike imports to Thailand (BMW GS, SUZUKIs, HARLEYs) keeping in mind the fact that on new bike you get back the VAT from the origin country. Import bikes is a business, it's not mine, next time I will let it to Professionals, specially in Thailand where everything is possible and where the Service does exist.

    Again Good Luck !
  16. Part Two!!!
    All seems to be getting Sorted now after My Wife took Control and Spoke Directly to the Homologation Department. My First Bike is in Chiang Mai and will be Delivered to the X-Centre today!!! The second is in Bangkok awaiting Papers from the Production Factory, Companies Manufacture/ Production License. Details on the Bikes Specs, Materials used etc! This one Bike and it's Certificate will Cover all Future Bikes as originally Quoted so the next 7 arriving next week will be sent Directly to us in Chiang Mai. Anyone is welcome to call in if you want to take a Look or Ride it. I will keep you all posted on the Progress of the Homologation / Registration. Now it is Time to Start Riding and Maping Trails YEAH!!!
    Cheers Ian.
  17. Good work Ian, (or more acurately Mrs Bungy)...

    If you can get some Chinese (or are they Japanese) bikes that have never before been in the coutry registered, it should be far easier with bikes that have been registered before in Japan.

    Are you going to be the new Thailand Distributor for Pantera??? I already made up the poster for you...


  18. Congratulations, Ian! Finally the long wait is over! I started to feel bad asking about the bikes these last few weeks, as I could see the despair and disbelieve growing in your eyes each time I inquired whether the bikes had arrived. With so much frustration building up to the long anticipated arrival, I hope the Pantera's are fun to ride and outperform the Zong Shen's (that shouldn't be too difficult, I guess). I'll probably drop in at the X-Centre tomorrow to check out the new bike. With a name like Pantera, it should be quite a match for my KTM's. I'm glad you still have to break it in, so I'll have a better chance at being able to keep up with you...[:D]
    When do you plan to take the Pantera out for its first jungle trip? Maybe Big&Tall and SuzukiLuke are interested in escorting the Pantera on its maiden ride?
  19. Picked it up from the Trucking company Yesterday afternoon, assembled it and it Fired up First Pop!!! Impressions after the first Ride, No major complaints all works well, Good Power for a small engine. Comfortable cruising at 80kph but can accelerate quickly from there but don't want to Ring it's neck to soon. It has real Big Hobbly Tires so quite Nervous on the Tar but they will come in handy Off Road with the Rain at the moment. 100 % improvement on the Zongsengs!!! Still has a Goofy switch control that i may change. Alot on here at the moment with Work commitments but hope to get away on Tuesday if all goes well. I will have to talk to Luke and Justin and Buy the GPS first though.
    Any interested Parties can take a Look and Test Ride at the X-Centre. I will Sell them for 99.000 Baht each With a Plate at the Moment but this will be Subject to Exchange Rates and the Plate will have to wait till the Homologation is completed before i can issue that so not sure of the Time. The First 9 Bikes will be used for the June Tour by my New Zealand Friends. Cheers to all.
  20. Thanks for the call today Ian.

    Hats of to you and the missus for climbing the hill. Looks like the marriage is safe. I'm off for a few days super motarding around the lao border but will be back and rarin to go so get the bikes broken in and we'll be ready to ride in a few days.

    Again Congrats on dealing with the silly laws and pulling it off.
  21. Captain Slash, I won't jump the Gun yet so please be Patient. My next import will probably be a Harley but not till after June. The Reason i will Start with a Harley is it has a World Patent on the Compliance Plate and i want to Test a Big Bike, as there are already Harleys on the Road here the Compliance should have been already done. Anyway the fastest way i am Guessing is to import a Bike that doesn't require the Homologation which has been the only hold up i have had besides Chinese New Year, Songkran and our Agent(who seems to have sorted his act out now). I will keep everyone posted on it.
    Cheers Ian.
  22. Hi again,
    A long time since i Updated this Sorry Saga. Anyway. I have all 9 Bikes here and have completed a Successful Tour with them which i will post a Report once i get the Photo Thing worked out??? Till then a Summary on the Rego, Homologation Procedure!!!
    Total Load of Bullshit. Total Waste of Time. In the End i just took all the Bikes up here and after 3 Months had Achieved ZERO with the Government. Not one of them knows what the other is doing and you never get the Same answer twice??? The Final Straw for me was after all the effort and Time they told me that the Homologation would be required every time i Imported the same Bike??? I.E. If i imported 2 every three months each time they would have to be Homologated??? This is total opposite to what we had been told Previously. We are now Pursuing another channel for Registering New Bikes that does not require the Homologation. I will let everyone Know if this is Successful. I could have saved myself quite a good Chunk of Baht if i had of just imported them in Broken down Form and not Bothered with this Crap but that's what you get in Thailand, Bleed the Guys who Try to do the Right thing!!! Not sure what AZOULAY did right but trust me that we followed every requirment and more. My Final Thoughts. Don't waste your time with them! Do like everyone else does be Dishonest!
    I Have Not Given Up on the New Bike Import thing and i am confident i will Sort it Eventually, Just have to get the Rego sorted. I have Given up on the Homologation thing though which given the people who run or operate it as Purely a Money making Scam. My Condolences to the New Triumph Dealers and the others who are trying to do it Legally with these A-Holes. I can only Imagine. Surprisingly i have been asked by at least 10 people who want to Buy New Bikes. One wants 5 New Pantera's. The Market is there Believe me!!! Till my Next Update. keep Well.
    Cheers Ian.
  23. Ian if you do the Harley import thing I hope your intention is to keep it. The harley buzz in Thailand is over. They are not selling very well these days. Glad I sold mine when I did. The guy who bought it off me has beed trying to sell it for 12 months and not a phone call except from me. Another mate has two and can't sell them either!
    As usual the rich Thais have moved onto the next big fashonable thing -BMW's it would appear.
    They couldn't ride them anyway.
  24. Phuket Richard this one is for you.
  25. Richard,
    Same same. Sorry mate this is for Thailand, not Cambodia.

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