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  1. Hi,

    I am in the process of moving to Northern Thailand on a full time Semi retired basis. I have two BMW bikes (78 & 83). Is it possible to import them and if so, is it practical? What are the taxes/costs involved in importing older bikes?


  2. Matey

    i think i would be better to have this in General discussion as you will get more responce n there, but genarally importing bikes to Thailand is really really hard and somwhat impossible with out getting loosing tons of money.
  3. It will cost you about 100,000 Baht each bike at least by the time they are dismantled shipped in several consignmenmts to several different locations . imported , reconstructed and registered legally , there is a waiver taper on duty for old bikes especially if you have owned them so long but you cannot trust the Thai customs to exercise the waiver fairly so its a gamble .

    You coukld end up with a big headache.
  4. I'm seconding those who say don'[t do it although my import disaster happened in California where different rules apply.

    But Iwant to share a Thai biker friend's view that a bike hidden in some container among furniture and such could get registered when you grease some palms.

    Forget it, it doesn't make financial sense.

    I had BMWs of these years - and these are normally bikes to keep for decades :( Sad for you - but the cost and risk is just too high I'm afraid.

    Take care,

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