Importing,i know,i know,boring.

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  1. I have read a lot of forums on the importing horrors but they have all been old i.e. 1to2 years ago and more.
    It seems like the customs boys are now all computered up for the paper work,I wonder whether that has helped at all.
    Has any body got recent experience of importing big bike spares i.e. Engine and carbs one crate,frames and elec's second crate, etc. from USA.
    Ultimately I would like a company to pick up from sellers gaff in the US, pack all parts, ship, deal with customs, and then deliver to my door or the nearest PO. in Thailand HA! wouldn't we all I hear you shout.
    Nobody knows of a company who dose anything like that?
    Any UPTO date info would be appreciated.
    Or if any body has successfully done this.
    Keep it up chaps.
  2. Hi John ,, well i have not done any importing for 3 years now because it was cheaper to get the Thai importers with connections to do it but even though the customs are computerised it will still be the same graft and money paper must not do it in your name it needs Thai registered company and the crates must not arrive at same time , the Thai importers use 3 companies,3 addresses per crate eachshipment and then amalgamate it all for registration.

    Some other people on here or Ride Asia have been importing but maybe not bikes.
  3. Thanks for your reply Mr "Monsterman"
    I have been off the Regency(brandy) for a couple of days and its amazing how clear things become!!
    I Think I'v cracked it HA!... You will call me Mr V65Man soon.
    I will let you Know.
    All the best mate.
  4. Regency Brandy is actually rather decent stuff

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