Importing my bike to Vietnam....or just driving over the boarder??

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  1. Ok, so I'm living in Vietnam and have a 5 year Visa (90 days exception...every 90 days I have to exit...then enter again to restart the 90 days)
    I've been married before and will marry again soon in Vietnam to a vietnamese woman......

    My question is this.......I have a new 2012 Honda XR650L in Canada that I'm dying to get into Vietnam......and if not this bike, then I would like to get the 2013 Honda CRF450X imported from Thailand.

    Does anyone have any suggestions/ contacts?

    I was thinking that I could get my bike or the new bike in Thailand and just ride it into Vietnam at one of the easier boarder crossings with my wife on board to "shake a little ass and give a little wink wink" to help with cruising right on through the boarder crossing.

    What do you think? Think it will work??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    See everyone in the wind!!

  2. Delete Thailand from the equation as that will only complicate the enterprise.

    You'd be best off befriending some of the Vietnamese guys who ride big bikes in Vietnam. Most of them bought their bikes abroad and had them shipped directly to Vietnam.

    Regardless, be prepared to pay through the nose for the "privilege" of bringing your bike to Vietnam.

    Last I heard, officially Vietnam only allows imports of brand-new motorcycles. Obviously there are ways to get around this rule.

    Also, there is an exception for expats with valid working visas who import a motorcycle to Vietnam for personal use. Perhaps you can qualify for this exception?

    You can still expect to pay 90% import duty, 10% VAT and a small fortune for registration.

    Best of luck!!
  3. Thanks for the info Tony....I emailed Vietnam customs with the question but am still waiting on a reply.
    From what i understand, I am eligible for 50% off the import duty cause of marriage to vietnamese woman......2 bikes and 1 car I would be allowed to import plus household all at reduced tariffs....
    And, the bike has to be within 2 years of the date of import from new.
    I'm thinking to put it into my wifes name and ship it into the country. I will most likely hire a viet lawyer to do the paperwork, or, I know of a couple bike importers in Saigon that can do to importation....for fee's.....
    I am hoping to hear back from customs soon.....I will keep you posted....

    Why is it hard to import from Thailand? I was pondering the idea of opening an enduro store in VN....Thailand was going to be a good source....or, so I thought...

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