Importing other things than bikes?

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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering how the rules and procedures are for importing things for personal use in to Thailand.

    Previously, in "the old country", i often used a post forward service in the U.S for importing stuff from companies that didn't ship over seas. Very handy and easy to use with many advantages like discounted shipping and so on.

    Now, I've read a bit in the internet mail order thread and understand that many of you do order stuff from over seas in to Thailand, and if any of you could explain how it works, i mean with Thai import taxes/vat, customs and so on, I'd really appreciate it!

  2. Maybe you could be more specific with your questions? In the post you mention, there are four pages of information and personal experiences. What else do you want to know?

    You say you "read a bit". Maybe read the rest. It also covers postal forwarding companies.

    If you can find a company that will ship to Thailand; you order it, choose how you want it shipped if you have the option, hope you don't get nailed too badly by customs (they usually determine the value of an item, regardless what you claim), which is usually in the neighborhood of 35% and possibly VAT also. If your lucky it gets through :thumbup: , if not you pay. :thumbdown: I thought most of the other details were already covered in the previous post. :wtf:
  3. Hi Darider,

    Yes I know, all this is a bit confusing...
    As said SilverHawk, import taxes on bike parts are 30% on stuff + shipping cost. Then you add VAT on the whole (as everywhere in the world for the VAT as you are supposed to buy without VAT if ordering offshore). Usually custom officers refer to the purchase bill stuck on the box...
    But sometimes some mistakes (or misteries) occur. Once with UPS I was only taxed with 3% on bike parts (keyboard mistake?). Another time my order purchase bill in Euros was taken as USDollars (good!)...

    For other stuffs taxes are different.
    I have been told there was no import tax on books though I paid one two times going through DHL...

    Everybody who did it have many stories about import taxes: it is sometimes a bit of a lottery!

    What I've noticed is that when I order in Europe and make a delivery to some friend or relative home there, and then these people send me the stuff re-packed but legally mentioned on the delivery coupon, I NEVER have paid import taxes! Maybe because no "purchase bill/invoice" is appearing on the box... Don't know...
    Now it's usually the way I go.
    Yes, I know, I'm lucky: I have VERY, VERY good friends and relatives in Europe! :wink:

    Take it a try and tell us how it came!

  4. Gobs, many thanks for summing that up!

    I'll give it a try and see how it goes.. :)


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