Impression of Honda CB500F and Honda Big Wing Udon Thani

Discussion in 'Honda Big Bikes Thailand' started by Changnoi1, Nov 20, 2013.

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    As my 10 days "old" CB500F had his first 770 km done it was time to hit the Honda Big Wing shop in Udon Thani. It is a 130 km ride to Udon so that would be almost at 1000 km when in Udon. And I must say I was very impressed by the service of HBW Udon, not only by the staff but also by the management. When I bought the bike I paid 1.900 Thai baht too much and when I walked in the knew who I was, knew my name and they had a envelope with 1.900 Thai baht ready for me.

    The mechanic took care of the bike and he really did all the checks that are in the book. He did really check the chain, did clean the chain and did lube the chain. As my bike is the "new" model of the CB500 series valve-check does not have to be done anymore at the first 1000 km check. Costs of service check 1650 Thai baht (full syntactic oil). Chain needed adjustment (DID 520 VO chain). At the service area is a board with letters from Honda about the extra points of attention for new Honda bikes. Very straight forward!

    I had a center-stand installed from the CB500X (2100 Thai baht) and for that your need to weld a small piece of steel on your exhaust. Mechanic took care for that (250 Thai baht). And love to have a center stand now (Versys does not have that).

    I was told that in a few months there will be an accessories shop upstairs at HBW Udon.

    So 2 hours later I was on my way for a 3 day tour of about 900 km with highways, mountains and dusty & heavy put-holed roads.

    1. CB500F really needs a wind-screen (ERMAX makes a nice screen)
    2. Suspension is really a bit rough (but softening the tire pressure a little bit makes a big different, standard recommended is 36/42 psi)
    3. Average gasoline usage was 24.2 km/l
    4. At cruising speed of 100km/h the gasoline usage = 28.4km/l
    5. Bike does feel much lighter as 192kg
    6. Bike can do Phu Hin Rong Khla but needs more shifting and more throttle as the Versys (but rides easier).
    7. Bike can accelerate good enough on the highway (but needs more shifting and throttle as the Versys).
    8. I think the design of the fairing moves wind straight under my helmet (Helmet makes much more noise, more wind in my helmet)
    9. Mounting a bag on the tail is a bit shitty
    10. Happy I changed the standard clutch & brake lever (for adjustable ones)
    11. When the ODO meter tells 100km/h I am really doing 96km/h (according to my GPS)
    12. Bike feels to come alive at 6500/7000 rpm
    13. Due to wind I ride lower top-speeds
    14. Max. top-speed today at 140km/h
    15. I am not sure when I will change the standard Dunlop tires. They feel weird on gravel.
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  3. VietHorse

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    Me and my friend will "test" CB500X and CB500F next month in Thailand. Let's see how. ;)
  4. David Learmonth

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    Encouraging to read of a place offering excellent service!
  5. monsterman

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    have you had any loss of oil through the breather after heavy fast prolonged riding like several owners have reported ????
  6. Changnoi1

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    @Monsterman ... No not that I noticed but then again my average speed was between 100km/h and 110km/h with a occasional 125km/h and once 140km/h. I do not call that heavy fast prolonged riding.

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