In and Out of Burma?

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  1. Is it possible/feasible for a farang (me) to drive a Thai-registered (my name) motorcycle into and out of Burma? If so, what do you need to do it, how long does it take to get it, and how much of a hassle is it.

    My optimism about this is low to begin with, so don't feel guilty about being the "agent of cold water shower"....


    (Yes, I've searched before posting, not much current info on this topic...)
  2. Cold shower time sorry.
    At Mae Sai / Tachilek you should be able to get in & ride around Tachilek plus 5-6 kms north to the 1st checkpoint & turned back.
    Otherwise no go.
  3. Here is a link to what I had to do for just a very limited trip in Burma with my truck. "No motorcycles!!"
  4. At Mae Sai we enquired and were told that Su (Thai) can ride her bike into Tachilek. However, she would have to pay a fee to Thai customs, I'm sure the Burmese want their pound of flesh (and I'm loathe to pay the mafia any more than I already have to ...) plus she needed her green book and only carries a copy.

    Frankly, I don't see the point in doing this, especially if you have to pay 500B for the privilege.

    At Mae Sot no go, not even a bicycle.
  5. Thanks, guys. I was thinking to cross at Mae Sot, so that's the end of that bright idea. Cheers, S.

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