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    Well about a few months back I wrote a forum thread about a proposed trip to India and all the way to Vietnam.
    Its all underway soon.I have booked my round the world flight only last week and am scheduled to Arive In Bangalore India on the 26th of August. There I will be picking up my Royal Enfield Bullet 350. Now im not sure yet which one I will be taking with me on the trip but I have had a 1965 350 Bullet and an 1984 350 Bullet. The 65 is pretty much in original condition and both the bikes have been riden by my father over there and sent to the shop to get some minor adjustments made.
    Now in regards to the proposed Trip.
    We start of in Bangalore and we plan on doin a month in the South or therabouts. Once this trip in itself has been completed the bikes will again be taken to the mechanics to make any other adjustments that we see needed. We then will be venturing up north headed towards Agra. Expected touring of Northern india is about another Month. At this point were flexible. It would be nice to be able to venture in to Nepal and possibly into Tajikistan,Kyrgyztan and Pakistan but these areas all seem pretty hard to acess seing as all border areas are in dispute with India and that I have been unable to find any websites or information pertaining to any of these areas.

    Now Once we have completed our Journey through India we are going to try and take our Bikes Into Mayamar. Now I am fully aware of how difficult this all is but I have stumbled across some information here that might help a lot of future Hopefulls and hopefully myself. The Goverment of Mayamar might be more likelly to accept our request to travel through the county (of course where they specify) if somehow our ride involves us doing Charity work of some nature with any of the Charitys the goverment supports. Now what these are I am yet to find out and am still trying to get a better insight into. Now If entry is allowed I will surelly be donating some time to any charity That they recognise for the reasons of helping and for alowing safe passage. I think its a very small price to pay to be allowed through with our Bikes even if the route is pre designated by their goverment it would be a rare opportunity.

    Now If this all fails and entry is refused with the motorbikes then the backup is to ship them directly to bangkok . In the meanwhile we will try and travel overland iregardless Just to get to see the country as much as possible. If this fails just fly through whatever it takes. Now once in Thailand probably will spend around a month or so just buming around. I lived in chiang Ri when I was younger so a week there and A week in my other favourit Hideaway Bang Saen near Pataya.Oh cant forget the week in the elephant trainin school in Lampang . Another place i lived. Now again this is where were trying to be flexible.From Thailand as Advised we will then try and get into Laos And slowly creep down and try every possible border crosing into Vietnam if not achievable we will go down to cambodia from Laos try and crosover into vietnam once again and if all of that fails then leave the bikes either in Cambo or Back in Thailand.

    Now I have had a look at crosing Borders on gt rider site and every single forum thread on this forum and am yet to see any more updated information on Entry into Vietnam . I recently read in some news article and a few other forums that suposedly Vietnam was going to lift the Ban on temporarily importing Motorbikes In vietnam as of August this Year even July. Now I know as always things take a lot more time than expected in Asia but does anyone Have any information on this that is a lot more up to date? Also How about we all start sharing the information on here a bit .
    Can we get some contact link for department of transport of some sort of goverment area that might be able to offer some more insight whether its postal,email or website adress.
    Also I know that Thailand will allow us to temporarily import the Vehicles into Thailand No worries. But I again am finding it hard to get any information on Laos and Cambodia as well. Does someone have any good websites that they can suggest or even some good contacts over there.
    I plan on having my friend in australia do all the necessary translations of documents in Vietnam as he is Vietnamese but at least being able to get some information on Cambodia,Mayamar and Laos would be good. Also has anyone contacted their embassys in Thailand seing as they are all in the same road in Silom and actually got any information on anything from there or is all the information that everyone has purelly attained from Experience?
    I will keep you all up to date with what I am slowly finding out. Also Noticed that there isnt much Information on India so Hopefully I will be able to contribute a large Amount of information to the forums once I am there. I know gt rider is based around S.E Asia but still some might be interested in the information.
    Kind Regards
    Chris Ryan
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    I have taken my Cambo registered bikes into Laos (as well as Thailand many times) before with no problems at the border.

    I have friends that have ridden their Thai, Singapore and Aussie registered bikes into Cambodia with no problems either.

    Just turn on up a the borders and fill in the paperwork. As far as I know there are no customs forms to fill out in Cambodia, just do the immigrationand ride away(I stand to be corrected here).

    No Carnets needed for either country, just the registration documents.

    Good luck getting the bikes into Vietnam. I too had heard that as part of some international treaty they were going to lift the ban on foreign bikes over 175cc entering... but I do not think that anyone has told the border guards yet.

    enjoy the ride

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    Thanks for the good Wishes.
    Now What if I was riding a motorbike registered in my fathers name? As Far as I have been told 3 weeks to get registration in India so He has registered ahead of time for me but in his name. Would A letter by a notary/lawyer in india cover that its not stolen and is registered in his name? any specific advice here?
    Also I have read in a few documents that Laos does not permit bikes over 200 cc can anyone confirm this or not? Were travelling On Enfield Bullet 350s (photos to be atached soon.) and also about Vietnams allowing us in? Can anyone on the Vietnam Enlighten Us with some Contacts and websites please. Or at least whatever you know.
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    Bloody hell Chris more questions & ideas than you can poke a stick at mate.
    I hope some of it comes off as it will surely be an epic trip report.
    You can be the one to update us on entry into Burma & Vietnam. The more info you put in the better.

    Now if Im right youve got a typo in your profile & the 25 should be a 52 & once upon a time you might have been the manager at the old Chiang Inn hotel in Cnx & resided out at Mae Rim for a bit....yeah or nay?
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    I think Vietnam will be very hard to get in with your own bike, Myanmar practically impossible. There was one biker (in this site, maybe?) who got into Myanmar some years ago, but not before negotiating for several months with the authorities. Even then he had to freight his bike part of the way, so didnt even think himself that it was worth it in the end. Said the roads were very, very bad, too.

    Vietnam also remains closed, will only believe when I see it, that theyve lifted the ban on bikes. Some even claim theyve made it through, even though they actually havent, trip reports with no photos, etc.

    Thailand, Cambodia and Laos should be more easily do-able. But good luck to you, if your going to try Myanmar and Vietnam anyway, those are the 2 hardest places to get in in this region! I think the bike should be in your name and not even a close relative, that might be asking for trouble if name in your documents does not match that of the bikes.
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    How goes the trip - any news?
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