Indian roads transport in 1987


Jun 28, 2007
Might interest some of you. here's some old pictures from 1987 & 1988 of indian transport & roads. Sorry, quality is not that good as scanned from colourslides.
First the roads; back then roads were a single lane paved with brittle and broken asphalt at most as seen here in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh on the way to Dharamsala:

By then the best way to go up there was by "bus", just imagine what it looked inside........Every pass of another vehicle was a 'near miss' by that time as they kept on speeding towards each other and only in the last minute both moved to a very uneven & unstable side of the road:

Common transport on buses and trains came down to this:

Advantage was always once the bus crashed you could get easily off the roof and not so seriously injured like the ones inside.....

Standard transportation in Vadodara looked like this:

You took ice in your drinks only once until you saw how it was delivered:

The daily downpours in Udaipur looked something like this and you avoided contact with the brownish smelly mess that was flowing down the roads...........

In Kathamndu/Nepal, the most common truck looked like this:

So whenever you go to India or Nepal, don't expect too much of a comfort while travelling, things have changed, I know but would be very short of the comfort & standard we have here in Thailand. Cheers, Franz