info on Yamaha SRV 250...?

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  1. Just discovered a sexy little bike for sale, didn't even know that it existed! Yamaha, my favorite bike manufacturer, did it again and built an unusual bike. Looks like an english cafe racer but has a V-twin, and only 250cc, which makes it light and nimble, and best of all: affordable!
    Question: does anybody have any info on this bike, maybe owned one, or knows if there are any clubs or other used bikes for sale?
    I always like to get as much info as possible before I make a decisison...
    Thanks in advance - Klaus
  2. Honda makes a cool 250 vtwin also which looks like a lil ducati
  3. I quite like the SRV250 and it's 1 of the bikes I'm considering to buy as my transport while in LOS, there is very little info about them on the web but I've read that they put out about 27bhp which is not a great deal, I think they use the same engine as the 250 virago, it's a shame they didn't make a 400 version, at least I dont think they did.

    The 250 Honda v twin Fiddy mentioned is the VTR250 which is rather like a small Ducati monster.

    Think I'll go for the Honda Bros though as all I read about them is good reports.
  4. These two little jap 250cc V-Twins are quite different from each other: the Honda is a newer, watercooled, 90 degree twin with big bore and short stroke, a little revvy racer in Ducati look. Probably the ideal bike to move up from a CBR 150 R... but I prefer the look of the older Yamaha, the cafe racer style, even though it's air-cooled, has only two valves and a longish stroke. And a drum in the rear! Alas, since it's older and "cheaper", it should be more affordable. But where do you get 18" tires in Thailand?!
  5. I have an old SR500 you'd love.........or my ducati 450 mkIII
  6. ...for sale in Thailand? How about some pics - of the Ducati?
  7. I quite like the SRX400/600, theres a few of them around in Thailand aswell as the ancient SR400 which is a SR500 with a shortened stroke that was for the Jap market I do believe.

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