Info or Buzz, Big Bikes seem to move in Thailand !

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  1. As we say in France, "Est-ce de l' Info, est-ce de l' intox" but the BANGKOK 1st Motorbke Festival 2009 will happen from May 1st to May 3rd 2009 at CentralWorld, Central Square BKK. Please visit .

    I just had this information when visiting the nice people of Dirt Shop BKK in their new location (not far away from the old shop, other side of the road).

    Coming back to the Festival, it seems all the Big Ones from the Bike scene will be there.

    I would have love to vist it but I must flight back to the Mine (Gold or charcoal) to morrow...

    If some Friends would vist the exhibition, please report with pictures !
  2. Did you say something at all or am I very drunk
  3. Pissed may be the phrase...
    as usual we are being asked to do the running around town.
    A trip report would mitigate the endless requests & tyre-kicking...
    missing Pikey's midnight sangsom rants...
    Funny enough his name came up @ the Led Baloon shop yesterday...
    The Guv'nor finally meets Vikram

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  4. Hi David,

    Incredible, I just visited Red Baron as well yesterday, I think we miss from few hours, saw Vikron , allways friendly and most of it skilled and helpfull !

    Keep On the Power !

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