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  1. Someone wanted to know if anyone knew if any dealers sold second hand Big Bikes to Farungs.
    Yamaha Big Bikes in Bangkok sell second hand big bikes and do the finance, insurance and rego for you. I have bought 4 bikes from them over the last 10 yrs and never had a problem. Their service and planned trips away are great and there servicing of the machines is second to no one. They also have 2 free courses for riders at the Yamaha Riding Academy at the Yamaha Factory, situated at Bangnar on the Chonburi Bangkok motorway. There is the Big Bike Basic Course and the Big Bike Advanced course. Both courses go for 2 days and all bikes, helmets, elbow and knee guards/pads are supplied. You get free lunches, drinks, 2 polo shirts, one for each day, a cap and lots more. When you complete the course you are supplied with a certificate from Yamaha Big Bike Academy. Great team of instructors go out of their way to help you, can’t praise them enough.
    You don't have to purchase a new bike from them, you can take your existing Yamaha to ride during the course if you please.
    I just completed the course today, with flying colours. Thank God. It is not an easy course.
    I am purchasing a new Yamaha Super Tennere.

    Yamaha Riding Academy
    Bangna - Trat Rd, Km.21.
    Phone 27408000. Direct 27408001

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  2. Great news that a big bike brand is taking customer service seriously.
    Taking the mid-to-long term service view only builds brand loyalty and sales.
    Well done Yamaha! :clap:
    If only others would look & learn.

    Incidentally their comparative pricing of the Super Tenere with BMW's GS & Triumph's Explorer is a welcome change
    to European manufacturers' pricing here in LoS.
    Looking forward to reading your impressions on the Tenere when you have put some kms on her.
    Thanks for posting.

    btw was the training course in Tinglish or Thai?
  3. The training course was in Thai. However the Japanese instructor spoke english very well and a couple of the instructors spoke broken english. But all in all we got through to each other and at the end of the course I was awarded a certificate for my efforts.
    I will be going back to do the Advanced riding course when that comes up. The Instructors also teach the royal Thai police motorbike riders as well. They have just ordered a heap of new Yamaha FJR 1300's for the Police Force. All fitted out with all the bells, whistles, sirens, strobe lights and radios. All the helmets are fitted with mike and hearing pieces, they look great.

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