We are deciding on ride in nth Thailand/ Lao/ cam/ vietnam. Any or all.
    Angling towards nth Thailand and a venture into Lao or cam. One month. On hired XR250 or similar. All of may. Want to ride road and off road.
    Any thoughts on roads, timing (to hot), bike shop to hire from in Chiangmai.
  2. Time: November to March. Dec and Jan can actually be a little cold up north, had 4 degrees at night in Phongsali around 15th of january 2015. April and May usually very hot and with risk of heavy showers.

    Rental shops in CM: Pops, C&P, Tonys big bikes, Mr Mecanic

    Bikes: I belive there arent many XR left, but plenty of Crf's and maybe some Klx's too, they will do the job just fine.

    I dont think you will get into Vietnam with thaiplated bikes. But Laos and Cambo should be fine as long as you get papers from the rental shops that show that youre allowed to take the bikes out of Thailand.
    The border (theres only one bordercrossing) between Laos and Cambo is known as a difficult one, especially in the direction out of Laos and into Cambo. The other way it seems a bit easier. So it might be an idea to ride Cambo first and then Laos. On the other hand you might only get an export permition of 30 days from Thailand so if youre planning to spend more than 30 days in those two countries it would be conveniant to pop into Thailand again after Laos and then into Cambo from for example Surin province of Thailand. And by that get a new 30 days export permition.

    Routes: In Thailand there are so many roads up north its hard to recommend one instead of another. Do the Mae Hong Son loop of course, then much of Chiang Rai, Phayao, Nan, Tak, Chiang Mai provinses are great for riding. Uttaradit and Loei are also great.
    Im sure there are guys with better knowledge than me that can give you more detailed advises.
    Laos - if you begin in the north and cross over from Chiang Khong to Huay Xai, then Luang Namtha, Oudomxai, Nong Khiaw, Phonsavan, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Vientiane, and then south via Thakek, Savannaket, Pakse. Just a suggestion, other routes and detours possible.
  3. Gday & welcome to GTR

    For border crossing info check out this link
    Border Crossings

    For planning a trip & some ideas of routes & attractions start here
    SE Asia Trip Planning


    For rental bikes in North Thailand go here
    Renting Bikes

    Work your way through those & if you have anymore questions, ask.
  4. Cheers for help guys.
    My delema is I can't get away till may and my new bizz allows me to have every may - sept ( kiwi winter) off. Love Thailand first here ( now in BKK with son on stopover) 35 years ago, those were the days. Anyway am I better off riding elsewhere in SE Asia during may? Or wing it in nth Thailand and hope it's not to hot.
    Is it just hot and humid during daytime or all the time in may?
    Will rain stop us riding dirt roads?
  5. One year is not always similar to the year before - but May is usually quite hot in the north and occasionally wet too.

    May - September should be the dry season in Indonesia if you fancy riding there.
  6. Just wing it anyway - there's no such thing as normal weather nowadays. So suck it & see.
    Whatever you do you will enjoy yourself & have a good time; plus in hindsight there might always be something that you would do differently, but at least you will have had a go & had a blast riding. = win win.
  7. Yeah I'm with ya, don't worry I know how to "not work" did RTW ride 25 years ago and came thru Thailand on way.
    We are also contemplating cuongs off road tour thru nth Vietnam and Laos as part of the " kiwis on fu%#en hot ride tour" options.
    I'll discuss options with the team and see which way we go, Thailand would be the easiest all round I think, especially for some of the lads who haven't been in Se Asia before. We can always venture further into Laos, Myanmar next year.
    Cheers for info.

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