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  1. Hi Guys,
    we preparing a tour for this coming winter. We enter by 6 bikes Laos on the north part of Thailand, ride further north Laos and our plan is to get into Cambodia, visit Siam Rep and back via Poypet. I fin difficult to find a way to enter Cambodia on South of Loas. Anybody ever to this route? Any help will be very appreciate.

  2. Renzo,
    welcome to GT-Rider.
    Crossing this border is now problem -you may recall the video I gave you of my son & my GS trip back in 2007 when things were very different- have some passport pix and low denomination dollar bills.
    Pay visa on arrival. Then follow the road down to Kratie and keep following the 308 along Mekong - you no longer need to take the huge highway 7 detour out to the Vietnam border. Then head South on the 73 to rejoin the 7 and overnight in Kampong Cham - if you have no need to go to Phnom Penh.
    We found a very decent hotel near the municipal government offices and dined well on the waterfront.
    A relatively easy run into Siem Reap the following day.
    Can highly recommend run by gentlemen french hoteliers, biker friendly and out of the hurly-burley of SR but only minutes away from the centre, if needs be.
    On your return to Thailand -if you have the time- go via Battambang and exit via Pailin [far less stressful than Poipet].
    Also, staying at is enchanting, though you do need to book ahead.
    Some very interesting history and more enjoyable riding to be had this way.
    PM me if you need anything further.
  3. Wondering.....why i wait so long before i join this Forum?...:lol:

    GRAZIE 1000!!!!
  4. I assume from the rest of the description you mean the stung treng / Vueng Kham border ?? Whats now a problem ??

    Did it late last year and was considering similar route later this year. Was pretty low stress border then.
  5. This is definitely a "no problem" border. Thank you for pointing out my typo & allowing for my clarification.
    I would be interested in reading your trip report of your crossing and seeing your pix,
    as they were still using the "shack" and had not opened their new offices when we rode through.
    It can only be easier now.
  6. Hi Friends,

    Just a small question, as i can't find an answer through my query with the search engine.

    Is it possible to cross border Thailand to Laos with a Green Book under an other name than the driver's one ? What is needed apart from the Green Book ?

    I know some friends would tell me that''s basic but I need a reminder.

    Thanks in advance
  7. You need the written permission of the owner and a signed copy of their passport.
    I believe there is a copy of the permission document somewhere on GT-R -
    perhaps Admin or DFL if he's back can post you a link.

  8. The Permission Document is called a ByMorpUmnart and you can buy a single sheet or pad of forms if you need, from any good stationer/school supply type shop. If the bike is owned by a Thai, a signed copy of their ID card is fine.
  9. Dear Friends, dear Rudie and Yanyonok,

    Thanks a lot for your answer, when talking to a Thai person the ByMorpUmnart rings a bell thus it should be the solution !

    Thanks again.

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