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  1. Hi, next January I am hoping to tour laos, with a bike that is in my Wife's name & also on credit. I have seen the list of what is needed, but where do I get the Permission to Export forms from? Thanks
  2. Hi.
    The Thai custom will issued the papers after you have had your passport stamped out of Thailand.
    Have the finance company issue a copy of the green book, if they do?

    Enjoy your trip.
  3. Thanks Oddvar, never having done this before, i'm sure there are one or two ways of doing this,[knowing the Thai's] but I believe that the forms must be signed by the finance company & also a separate one signed by my Wife. If I was to wait until the border crossing how would they be able to sign. I really don't want to wait to find out at the border that everything is wrong, I would prefer to get everything sorted, if possible, before I arrive at the border. But if that is the only way, then I will have to wait.
    I'm sure we will enjoy, looking forward to it very much
    Thanks again
  4. Sprog1
    You will need permission from the finance comapny to take the bike out first.
    The easiest thing to do would be to get your wife to ring the finance company & ask them if they will let you take the bike out.
    If yes, then ask them to write up a letter permitting you take the bike out.
  5. Hi Davidfl, sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Thanks for that, I will try & see what they say.
  6. How'd you go with the finance company - yes / no, can do or not?

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