Installing a 12v charging socket on my Versys

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  1. I bought a 12v charging socket (with cap so I can close it) and I intend to install it somewhere under the fairing or under the ****pit (to protect it against dirt and water).

    But does the Versys has some "spare wires" anywhere on the bike? Under the seat and even under the ****pit fairing I see some "lose ends" but they could also be testing wires.

    Of course I could just run a new wire straight from the battery, but then it is not switch controlled (which would be nice if it was switch controlled).

    Chang Noi
  2. Not sure why you would want it Switch Controlled.

    If you wanted to run an accessory off the 12V socket, I can see the reasoning behind it, but having to have the ignition on when you are running a battery tender or charger back through the socket doesn't seem to be that practical.
  3. The answer is Yes there are some spare connectors under the nearside panel, my answer would be No to using them, as i was testing these and accidently touched the two probes together and blew the ABS fuse under the seat, so can only presume these are the ABS service/ testing wires.
    For my GPS i purchased a 12v car charger opened the end and soldered two wires out wrapped in insulation tape, this supply has a small fuse already inside and is under the seat so out of most of the elements ran the wire under the tank with the bikes oridginal wiring.
    As for my other accessories i wired a fused supply direct to the battery and ran this behind the instrument panel this feeds my Motec lights, stebel Horn and a micro usb lead to charge my phone/ MP3 player.
    Will post some pictures later

  4. 266550=2086-Versys%20Wiring%20002.
  5. Thanks, that at least more or less confirms what I thought. The guys at the Kawa-dealer had no idea what the spare-wire-connecters are for.

    I see that you connected it straight to the battery. I would still like to install it in a way that I can just plug-in/out whatever I want to use in the 12v outlet. Example the phone-charger I also use in the car. I saw a pic of someone who did drill a hole in the left-side-panel of the ****pit and did put the 12v outlet there. Although mine can be closed I assume it is not water-proof as it is made for use in a car.

    Will start experimenting with a good location later this day.

    Chang Noi
  6. Hi Chiangnoi1, I have installed and used these Plugs:
    Easy to install and use. The Standard Garmin GPS Plugs fit them and You can Buy multiple Adapters for them also. Good Luck.
  7. just add fuse at (+) series wire to equipment used at lease 10 amp for normal and 20amp for hon
  8. OK sorry no photos but ....
    I connected a wire straight to the plus of the battery and connected near the battery a 20amp fuse, followed by a 30amp relay that is controled by the live-wire of the signals (post fuse). The plus wire goming from the relay runs under the tank and to the left side of the "dashboard" where I installed the 12v outlet. The negative pole of the 12v outlet is connected to the frame.

    So it is "switch controlled" and it seems to work great. One small minor is that the phone-charger that I use does not fit strong into the 12v outlet. I might loose it at rough roads. But that is easy to fix.

    Another thing I did find out while driving with my phone on the RAM-mount .... that my phone is not really dust-proof (and there is a lot of dust) and that the touch screen was not working anymore like it should be working. Well I cleaned the phone and changed the screen-protection and the phone is fine again.

    So I went to GPS4You in BKK and they sell a nice "bag cover" for the Iphone but that is sold as set that does not include a connection to the RAM-mount. They do sell the connection to the RAM-mount but into another set (a bigger "bag cover" for Garmine). So to be able to use the small "bag cover" on my RAM-mount I should have to buy 2 sets and then use the half of it! Hahaha will try to find another shop.

    Chang Noi

    and used the signal-fuse-wire (post fuse) to switch a 30amp
  9. But does the Versys has some "spare wires" anywhere on the bike? Under the seat and even under the ****pit fairing I see some "lose ends" but they could also be testing wires.

    Those sets of extra wires under the faring are for the fog lamps they offer ......

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