Insurance And Tax Certificate For Motorbike In Chiang Mai

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  1. paulhen

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    I am looking for a way to simplify and make more convenient my maintaining the required documents and tax cert for my motorbike. Currently, I have both my compulsory insurance policy by Viriyah and tax certificates needing renewal next month, the insurance on the 19th and the tax on the 25th. I also carry a voluntary policy with Viriyah that I had to renew two months ago which is out of step with expiry of compulsory and tax. I am not sure how/why but Viriyah billed me for both voluntary and compulsory two months ago which I paid, they called and credited me the compulsory not due yet. But it seems theirhead office is capable of merging the billing for both. But if I were to try to achieve that, I would want to make both policies expire the same date as the tax certificate. The compulsory I have always purchased at Nong Hoi as I pay the tax so know you need to present the compulsory insurance receipt in order to pay the tax.

    I am about to depart on a motorbike trip this week and may well still be traveling when this is due, so can I attend to it before I go? Will Nong Hoi accept payments but date the new policy and tax certificate upon expiry of the old one or as of the date I make the transaction?

    Why do the compulsory policy and tax cert not expire together as they are linked?
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  3. DavidFL

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    Just pop along to Nong Hoi & I reckon Land Transport will renew the rego OK for u.
    For the voluntary insurance you should be able to give them the dates to renew from.
    I don't think it's a problem.
    I do all mine online via the GTR insurance broker. I note they use Thai Siri for their insurance. I have no complaints with them, having found their accident service excellent 2 years ago.
  4. paulhen

    paulhen Active Member

    Thank you for your reply David. I will check out GTR before going to Nong Hoi. Online renewal sounds good!!
  5. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Just go here
    Bike Insurance
    Fill out the form, send in your details. You get a quote. Pay the money by ATM or bank transfer & they post your the policy out.
    Ive just renewed my VStrom policy & the 3rd Party bail bond cost me 2564 baht, all done from the safety of my computer chair.

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