Insurance - Anyone want to rent THEIR Versys 650 to me?

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  1. I've never been entirely comfortable with hiring bikes with no real insurance... It wasn't too bad it was a $1,000 XR250, but now that it is possible to 'write off' a $10,000 Versys, without any coverage, the risk is considerable. I wouldn't do it in Australia.

    I've emailed Tony Dabbs to see if he is able to offer anything under his travel insurance or motor-vehicle insurance policies, but I don't expect a positive response. So I thought I would try the GT-Rider community.

    I think I am a good and careful rider. I ride my FZ1 in Sydney Traffic for 100km/day, every weekday, plus weekend rides. In Thailand I am so slow I am sure it is annoying for my riding companions.

    I'm coming to CNX Nov 7th departing Nov 9th (but would want the bike from the 8th) and returning to CNX Nov 17th... I'll be pillioning my wife for the trip. Prefer a 650 Versys, probably wouldn't consider an ER6 for pillioning (with a farrang wife :shhh: ).

    Obviously willing to pay above 'market' rental for a bike that includes insurance... PM me a reply as I am sure you probably don't want any offer to be in the public domain.

  2. Hello
    My name is Brian from Chinag Rai Big Bike Rental. If you are looking for a rental with class 1 insurance just drop me a email at [email protected]. I do not have a Versys with the class 1 insurance but I do have a CB500X with this insurance. Keep in mind the insurance covers up to 80 percent of the bike. You are responsible for the other 20 percent.

  3. Thanks Brian, Unfortunately, I don't think the Honda would be big enough (in the seat/cockpit) for my (farang) wife and I...

    BTW, sorry to hear about one of your bikes being stolen. Lucky for you, I guess because it still had insurance from new, it is insured... bad news that one, the last thing hire shops need when you are only making small margins...

    I guess there are no new Versys in the shops (them all being a couple of year old now) so none with insurance... I would be OK with the 20%, but the 100% risk is hard to swallow... must be funny for the guys living in Thailand, because most don't have first class... but in Australia, everyone tries to have 1st class, because even a small drop can easily make a bike declared a 'total loss'...

    Thanks again for taking an interest, and the offer.

  4. Note that the email address for Chiang Rai Big Bike Rentals above is incorrect, Brian forgot the G in gmail.

    [email protected]

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