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  1. I saw that it is possible to get insurance for an unregistered bike in the Chiang Mai area and that "Road accident victims protection Co Ltd" is the company to do it with ... cover.html

    My question is whether somebody has an address in Bangkok where I can get insurance for my BMW 650 GS. I want to drive it and no plates is ok for me, however I do want to have insurance before taking out.

    I hope somebody can help me.

  2. Hi Bert!
    Sorry to disillusion you, but I seriously doubt any reputable insurance company will even want to talk to you about insuring your unregistered Beemer. I tried to buy comprehensive cover for mine (with plates & book), just to be told by Thai Sri that they only accept big bikes above 1,000 cc. To my knowledge, Thai Sri is about the only company in the Kingdom that offers comprehensive for bikes ...
    Tomorrow at the bike week I'll look around a bit. I'll let you know what I find out.
  3. Hi All!

    There are MANY companies that offer bike insurance.

    I insured my Ninja 250R with Siam City Insurance-
    phone: 0-2202 9500
    email: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    English website: ... &cPath=121

    I insured my ER-6n with a different company, but I can't remember the name and the paperwork's not handy. I'll post the details when I can.

    I used to work in insurance. Disgusting industry. Just like casinos- the house always wins. It should be noted that many companies are happy to take your money and sell you a policy, knowing full well that without proper registration they can deny any future claims.

    Remember, the Large Print Giveth, and the Small Print Taketh Away!

    Caveat Emptor- just because you buy insurance does not guarantee you will be covered.

    Happy Trails!

  4. Hi Friends,

    You'll b able to test the reliability and the quality of your issurance company, only when the problem occurs but then it would be too late...
  5. Thanks, guys, for correcting my perception!

    I believe Laurent made the most relevant comment: You only know when you try to claim, but then it's too late!
    Nevertheless, many of us would love to ride with insurance. Has anyone lodged claims against their underwriters for registered or unregistered bikes? How professionally were they handled?
  6. Interesting, my google search for
    Road Accident Victims Protection Thailand
    turned up
    & not quite the right answer, but an interesting website, nonetheless.

    So I tried another search for
    Road Accident Victims Protection Co Ltd Bangkok
    which turned up ... 5090000013

    which provided this

    Company Name : Road Accident Victims Protection Co.,Ltd
    Owner : Mr.Somporn Septhawinkul
    Address : 65/42 A Chamnanbussinesscenter Building Floor 3 Rama9 Huakwang Huakwang Bangkok, 10320
    Telephone : 662-643-0280 , 081-918-1201
    Fax : 662-643-0293-4

    There's also a website listed ... &cPath=121

    but it no longer seems to exist.

    Please let us know how you go. The info will be useful for other people.
  7. Dear David

    Thanks for coming back to the original subject. I am in Rayong now but will visit them over the next couple of weeks and will let you guys know what is possible.

    Thanks again

  8. The question is: is the insurance valid on a bike without plates?
    I went to the local Honda dealer who sold me insurance for my plateless VTR - they fidgeted for a while, but then I pointed out the frame number in the invoice and they issued me insurance for 600 THB. I'm fairly sure they won't pay a dime in case of a crash, but it's worth to have something to show the cops when they pull me over.
  9. Hiya KZ,

    That ~600 Baht insurance is the basic insurance required by law. You need to be able to show that to the coppers.

    Hope you'll never have to find out if the policy will pay out!

    Happy Trails!


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