Insurance in Laos - Necessary? Where to Find?

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  1. All - My husband and I crossed into Laos about a week ago at Na Meo after 4 months in Vietnam. We're currently in Luang Prabang and each riding 2014 Honda XR 125s. We've been reading and hearing we need bike insurance in Laos (3rd party compulsory) or else fines and maybe jail time. However, we're having a hard time finding any local information about it. We've asked our LP hotel, we went to the local AGL office, we asked the tourist bureau...all to no avail. No one seems to know anything about it.Any tips on whether we need it and, if so, where we can find it? We'll probably be here around a month and half, with a Thai border run in between. Thanks!
  2. Yes it would be wise to get yourself the minimum insurance at least, but when you went to AGL did you ask to buy insurance or not?
  3. Yes. I went in and told them I needed to buy insurance for two motorbikes that I own, not rent. I tried to say it a couple different ways, but the lady there kept saying no and shaking her head. But perhaps there was something lost in translation, as she didn't speak great English. Am wondering if it would be better to try in Vientiane, but that means risking a few more days on the road without insurance, and I'm not sure we'd have better luck there than LP.
  4. There is more than one AGL agent , shop in Luang Prabang.
    You could also try Lao-Viet Insurance.
    I don't know were you are staying, but why not ask your guesthouse to help you - ring AGL or Lao-Viet to get them to sell you the insurance.
  5. Bought insurance at the AGL agent (Sombath Souliyong) at the junction of Visounalath/Pha Mahapasanam Rd (Road with the Laos Airlines Office) with the Setththirat/Ouparath Xiengkhong Rd at N19.88536 E102.13680. The lady there is OK but ask her for the boss as he speaks excellent English and explain to him what you need.
  6. Does anyone know whether I can obtain the compulsory liability coverage with AGL
    at the Chong Mek (TH)-Vang Tao (L) crossing?

    BTW: just obtained my Vehicle Registration Cert. at the Land Transport Dept. in Nong Khai.
    took 25 baht and 25 minutes :)
  7. Hi,was just there recently, visa on arrival at the end of the building , around the back is where you do the bike customs (next window from visa/passport pickup) then walk ahead to the end of the building and on your right is the insurance office (20m away from the main building). Time enough to buy the insurance while you wait for the customs papers. Speak English and friendly. Customs lady was impressed I bought insurance as she saw my yellow receipt as I was waiting, probably gave my papers back ahead of a few others that were waiting. Only thing is you need to park on the road and climb up some stairs to the Immigration and customs, leaving the bike out of view for the whole process. Didn't need the english version of the Vehicle Registration Cert. Be warned you need a lot of photocopies of your passport and green book, including the yearly fee paid page (6 copies ) at the Thai exit booth. Cheaper and easier to get them before the border.
  8. Excellent, thanks for all the details!

    Quick follow-up question: did they require you to submit TM2 and TM3 to TH customs/immigration as well?
  9. No problem for french speaking riders as his father was French. His mail:[email protected]

    Cheers, Lung jacques.
  10. They customs official does the temp export form , the passport guy did the passenger list (I don't have the docs for ref, assuming TM2 and 3). I only signed, did not fill anything in. Just give all the copies with the passport, I think they find it easier to fill them in themselves, although I did notice the data filled in was sparse.
  11. On what countries plates are you using on the bikes? Im thinking to make a trip to that boarder too but think they will not let me pass to laos as bike is not on my name. :)

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