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    I forgot to post this in my trip report "Long Cheng" about what happened to me when re entering Thailand. I've been to Laos with my truck many times and in all those times I've only got insurance once (first time). There was one time leaving Luang Namtha to Odumxai that I was stopped along the road and asked for all my paperwork including insurance. After some discussion and a promise to get insurance in Vientiane (funny) we were let go. This time we entered at Chiang Khong and no insurance was purchased. After our trip we exited at Vientiane/Nong Khai. As we pulled up on the Lao side a police officer was standing outside and I thought directing traffic so I pulled to the side he indicated. Not sure why he picked me (do the insurance companies give a sticker to display?) He than asks to see our insurance. Don't have any was the reply. So he asks us to follow him to his office. Whether Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand or Laos it's always the same. The big boss is waiting in there and they first scare you and tell you of all the bad things that will happen and how you'll have to follow them back to Vientiane and sort this out. In the end with me respectfully pushing back we were let go with a warning and a contribution of 200,000kip or about $25USD.

    SO I guess it's best to get insurance upon entry.
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    The consequences of driving/riding in Laos without insurance are one thing - they change considerably if you have an accident ! as does the cost and repercussions!!!!

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