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  1. I do not understand what insurance You need but if You need an compulsorily vehicle insurance for Thailand I can make it for You with AXA, the world's biggest insurance company at the moment. It doesn,t cost so much but it only covers the minimum according to Thai Laws. If You want a more and better protection for yourself buy it in Your home country where they maybe know You.

    Best Rgds

    MP-Terveisin HIKO
  2. Hiko, thanks for the offer but I got already compulsory insurance with the help of a friend who lives in Nongkhai instead of through the GT Rider site. The insurance company the GT Rider site promotes is in the UK so I assumed that they would not be able to help with insurance in Thailand.
  3. So is this 1st class insurance i pay about 18000b my wife got me from kawasaki with my new bike good or not..i have insurance from work that coverrs me all over the world.
    Is insurance for the bike and 3rd party only....i dont know myself ...its hard to get any sence all the insurance guy said pay big money have number one....
    I would love to know a good lawyer to find all the questions i would like answering
  4. Thanks again Captain...i would be f###ed without the advice off you fellas
  5. Thankyou David

    i will leave the 1st year payments with Kawa because i have paid, but i will definitely look at a change next year, i will definitely be adding to my small collection of bikes once the house and more importantly garage is finally finished, i trust the GT rider name.

    Regards Jim
  6. Well yes, that works but on your home page you have a link to motorbike insurance. This link brings you here: and if you click on the only link on that page you get here:

    Would it not be much easier to ask your webmaster to bring people who are interested in insuring their motorbike directly to the page you mentioned instead of a different page which leads to an insurance agent in the UK who may not know a lot about insuring a bike in Thailand.
  7. Not really sure what your problem is, but the link
    has a header
    1. Bike Insurance
    2. Motorcycle Insurance Cover in Thnailand

    the link you dont seem to like
    is a generic "motorcycles cheap insurance"
    that once you are on the page is obviously the UK, not Thailand.
    And there were commercial reasons for this link exchange.
    if it does not work for you simply use the Thailand Motorcycle Insurance page.
    End of the story.
  8. Are you talking about the compulsary government insurrance you can provide through Axa? The so called PO.LO.BO?
  9. Yes, I was asking about the compulsory insurance but my friend has arranged it already for me so no problem anymore.

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