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  1. hello guys..
    maybe a stupid question,
    but do you have to show your international driving license when purchasing an insurance in chang mai?
    some tips for insurance companies maybe??
  2. Bob
    Well almost a stupid question...
    "No," but exactly what insurance are "we" talking about.
    1. 3rd party?
    2. comprehensive vehicle?
    3. personal accident / health?

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  3. i'm talking about the neccesary insurance!!
    i want to buy a bike on monday..
    and i want tu purchase all my paperwork i need so the bike is ok to cross the border and to drive aroun thailand..
    can you tell me wich insurance i need?
    thanks for the quick response!
  4. Yeah yeah "the necessary insurance. So I guess you mean 3rd party insurance.
    The bike should have it when you buy it.
    It is also compulsory when you get the bike registered.
    Cost should be around 600 baht.
    Insurance companies are a dime a dozen in Chiang Mai / North Thailand.
    AIA / AIG / Liberty / Zurich / New hampshire

    Check out
    for some other insurance info

    Check out
    for more info & tips

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  5. If you are buying a used bike, it will probably have an insurance sticker on it. This sticker will have the bike brand name and the plate number on it.

    The insurance carries over with the bike. Have a Thai read it and tell you when it expires. If no sticker, it is easy to get the insurance, even for a bike with no license plate.

    3rd party insurance is 645 baht per year, and covers medical only. No theft or property damage coverage. You have to give them the bike info and an address. They don't care about the license, because the bike is insured, not the driver.


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