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  1. Where's the best place to go to get fully comp. insurance?
  2. I got mine for a 6n and Versys from Gary Newitt at AA insurance in Chiang Mai. Tel 053230127. email; [email protected]
  3. Thanks very much for that.
  4. I emailed [email protected] a few days ago and someone else responded saying he no longer works for them.

    Does anyone have his current contact email address?
  5. FYI Gary's mobile number is: 084 805 8815
  6. Any updates on where to get Ist class Insurance.. My Ducati Multistrada up for renewal and I was with AIA but premium has gone up 30% from last year.... Believe their is a company called Falcon or Stockton who do big bikes but someone said that was only for Kawasaki's.. any update on insurance companies that do big bikes appreciated
    ( Please note I know allot of folks do not do first class insurance however I took over a financial contract when I bought the bike and have to thus have first class insurance... just in case anyone was going to write back and advise not to get 1st class insurance)
  7. Hello There,

    I have tried to get an insurance quote for the renewal of the insurance on my Kawasaki versys 650 and did not get any answer... I've tried the request form on the GT rider website, contacted them directly via email given on their website and no answer... It was thursday last week. I got 2 quotes from brokers in Bangkok but would have liked to have one from them since they are recommended by GT rider... Are they still operating?

    Many thanks!
  8. Try Tony again here
    [email protected]
  9. Hello David,
    I already sent an email on that email address last thursday. Forwarded it again just now to the same address. Let's see.
    Thanks anyway
  10. I emailed Tony on that address yesterday and got a response the same day.

    Maybe try him again.
  11. Hi folks,

    Been a lurker for a long time but this is my first post as I wanted some opinions.

    I have always had 1st class full coverage on my motorcycle & truck but, no health insurance
    My full coverage on the bike is coming up for renewal again & looking at it I see it has
    50k for myself & 50k for my passenger medical expenses for accident
    Of course for the other guy if I should damage person or property the limits are quite high
    500k each person & 10million each accident.

    I do not ride this bike often maybe once or twice a week & just for sport usually up in Samoeng etc.
    Would you think I would be better served with a more basic motorcycle policy
    & instead buying a higher limit health/accident type policy?
    I cannot afford/justify both

    I am a healthy person & not overly concerned about personal health policy willing to pay out of pocket
    but the limits seem better on a health policy if in fact it also covers a motorcycle crash?

    Any advice?
  12. Join the GTR group health insurance policy + take out Voluntary 3rd Party Insurance
  13. About 3,000 baht from memory, but the insurance guy Tony Dabbs is the one to answer that.
  14. Thank you David
    I did send in a quote request but never heard back.
    I should have checked into this sooner as my policy expires in a day.
    So I went ahead & renewed with MSIG/Lockton

    Will still check on that Health Insurance though.
    Thank again for the help

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