Intercom Head set wanted

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  1. Hi guys

    Any one wanna point me right direction,, where to get complet set of intercom + Head set's.

    also just out of curiosity,, has any one used of haved in here (TH) intercom what can be used to talking for several ppl in the team while on the road.

    i know in US range for that is about 1/2mile or something
  2. I have an old Autocom unit which has a Kenwood radio for bike-to-bike.
    But no matter what the sales blurb will tell you, there is a real issue with background wind noise.
    Also the mike is live, so wind noise can "transmit" thereby giving fellow rider instant earache.
    Best to install a button mike with a press-to-speak function.

    New products are appearing with bluetooth headsets, that are active in a bike-to-bike role up to 150metres.
    I saw them available in Singers.

    However the background noise will still be an issue.
  3. I bought a basic unit from only rider to passengar and find it works fine. there is a seperate on/off control which i let my GF/Pillion operate

    no problem with wind noise from mic etc, but we are travelling at fairly low speeds on Miss Pinky (Phantom 150)
  4. Just a thought,, has any one used good old CB radios in they bikes as they atleast would have good range and not so much trafic here in TH.

    Todays models are compact's and could easilly fit for push to talk head set's. :p
  5. I have a Baer intercom for sale, new in the box.
    Apparently this is the best available and has 3 universal inputs, plus one dedicated to a BMW radio - will fit any bike using 3 inputs.

    For example, phone, radar, and GPRS radio to another bike. Intercom is built in.

  6. HI Hoghead

    i sent you PM, but no reply,,,could you send me picture of it and how much you want it??
  7. posting a pic is a PITA
    What is your email
  8. Hoghead

    Thanx, got your PM,, im still out of TH, back in late february, will mail you when im closer t home
  9. Hi Robert

    I sent you PM last week,,,
  10. Mindful of the sensitivity here in Thailand about some things and searching for other discussions on the issue, I posted a simple question on Thai Visa in the geek forum and got this thread going.

  11. The Baer unit is the bike box with integral intercom. Any 3 (or 4) more universal inputs like one of these external radios, Ipod, mobile phone, or radar detector is connected to the Baer box.

    Channels can be prioritised, and for example you can be listening to the Ipod, and a phone call (or more likely radar) could take over.
  12. Hoghead

    I send you and PM,, can you delivered it for me while im in BKK?

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